DK loves Roti Prata

Arzhou tagged me to do this food tag. What is my fave food in Singapore? hmmm….

OEI…. very hard leh this tag. Singapore got so many good foods but I can only choose one to say. HOW CAN?? Like that not fair to the other good foods leh.

OK ok, if really die die can only choose one, I’ll choose Roti Prata. In Malaysia, they call it Roti Canai. But then, I can never pronounce that correctly.

I used to eat roti prata with eggs or plain. And in the past, I don’t use curry. Nowadays, I do take some curry and seldom go for plain Roti Prata or Roti Prata with eggs. I prefer those with cheese or mashroom in it. Or even better, the Special Cheese from the Roti Prata Store at Fong Seng. They have cheese, egg and mash potato. Love it. If you see me at fong seng, you can be sure that I’m having a special cheese prata. 😀

I also got those instant roti prata from supermarket. Just heat it up and you have roti prata at the comfort of your home. The problem is, no curry, no fillings… just plain roti prata. Oh well… better than nothing right? (PS: I just had that for breakfast.)

My fave Roti Prata place has got to be the one at Fong Seng. I also like the store at Casuarina Road. And I love to drink Milo Dinosaur when eating my Prata. 😀

Roti prata for supper anyone? 😀

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OK, pls auto tag yourself. thx. 😀

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  1. Drats now you’re making me hungry!

    And as an NUS alumni, I think that the prata @ Fong Seng is over-rated. Though I think the one at Casuarina Rd’s not bad – so are the ones opp Beauty World. What irks me are the terrible service and long waiting time – the food isn’t worth either of the the above-mentioned both. 🙂

  2. MnM: Well… good food have to wait. Thats the norm.

    Haven’t been to the one opp beauty world for a very long time. Shall we go some day? 🙂

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