Perhaps it's time for him to retire

I think it’s about time I retire my desktop PC.

The problem is some of the parts are still quite new. It will be a bit wasted if I throw it away.

Casing bought in 2000.
CDRW bought in 2000
Master Harddisk bought in 2000.
Sound card bought in 2002.
Video card bought in 2003.
Motherboard bought in 2003
RAM bought in 2003.
Slave Harddisk bought in 2003.
DVDRW bought in 2006.
LCD monitor bought in 2006.
Powersupply bought in 2006.

Should I get some new parts to fix the desktop? Or should I just let it retire completely? I’m thinking of replacing those old parts. Is $500 enough?

I’ll surely be getting a iMac when Leopard OS is out.


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