Cheat until no shame

We all know that money and sex attracts the most pongs in I won’t deny cause I also contributed to the pongs for sex related post. But then, sometimes when you see a posting that has nothing to do with sex or money, yet getting more than 100 pongs, it makes you wonder…. did that person cheat by spoofing his IP or posting the url in forums or blogs to attract more pongs.

KNN lor…. this kind of topic will get 100plus pongs meh? Even the sex related post only 49 pongs only. Who believe is real one?


  1. Hmmm. i always wonder how to get to the most popular post. but always nvr. *Laughs* I still figuring out how to add tags in my wordpress.

  2. Wah! dk
    More than 100 pongs for a boring post! hehehe….. sibei ai sai leh!

    I wonder why I’m cracking my head, writing so hard, to get readers to understand the more serious problems we are facing in Singapore. hmmmm……

  3. Sentosa girl: Money and sex related post always get the most pongs.

    CCDA: I cheat 1 lah. All the clicks are from me.

    Litford: Hmmm…. Maybe I should try that one day. 😀

  4. hey DK, kudos for your experiment!

    Relax lah, I think some of us are looking a little too much into the number of pongs and the top 10 ranking.

    Most important is, you know you have loyal readers who will visit your blog without going thru

  5. Young Businessman: Haha…. Nothing to congrats abt. 🙂

    chillycraps: Yeap yeap. Just pissed off sometimes by people who use underhand methods.

    voxy: Suspicious? No mah… I cheated to get that position. 😛

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