I'm full of shit

Just got my exams results today.

I still remember posting this on my twitter when I step out of the exam hall.

Well… the conclusion is that I’m indeed full of shit.

YES! I pass the paper! I was really surprised when I saw the results. Didn’t believe that I would pass that paper when I totally don’t know how to do a 25 marks question. And I thought that even if I pass, it would surely be just a C. But it turn out to be B-! Wow. Much better than what I expected.

Glad that I pass this round. One more semester to go. Must Jia You! Last hurdle to cross. I can almost smell that piece of paper already. Keep going DK, you are almost there. 1 more module, 1 more project, six more months and we’ll be thru.


  1. Congrats man – you are senior management material! I remember my bosses used to write shit, talk shit and bullshit. :p

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