The day when the server almost explode

There was a power trip at our office (again) today. The lucky thing was, my area wasn’t affected. We have already moved to this office for more than a year already and the power trip issue is still there. Somehow, they still couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong.

The affected area was near the server room. I wasn’t worried as the servers has UPS and thus should be safe. The building management people managed to restore the power shortly.

Few hours later, the admin clerk came over and told me that the server room was very warm and there are some loud noise from the servers. Shocked, I ran to the server room. It was like a mini sauna. The aircon in the server room is down. There is a backup aircon in the sever room that is suppose to kick in when the room is too warm. But somehow the backup aircon didn’t kick in.

The noise was from one of the server’s fan. It is spinning at full power and the amber light is on. The temperature is too warm already. It’s actually an old server. The newer server are still quite alright and working fine. But the old server was quite scary. Somemore the fan is really huge. And it’s still overheated?

For a moment, I was wondering if this server has a auto shutdown feature built-in when it is too warm. I know new servers/PC has that feature, but I’m not sure about the old ones. If not, it might just explode or something. Who knows, we might put the fire drill in good use.

I later found out that we are quite lucky because the old server wasn’t really that old and still has an auto shutdown feature.

I told the admin to call the building management guys to come check the aircon. I left the server room open so that the aircon from outside could come in. I’m so glad that the building management people managed to get the aircon back on before the server explode/auto shut down.

Being a bit kiasu, I turn on the backup aircon at full blast and kept the door shut. 2 hours later, the mini sauna become a mini antarctic. Well…. Better too cold than too hot.


  1. Don’t worry lah, it wont explode lah. I don’t think there is any electronic component that will build up pressure when it is overheated. Worst case is certain parts will start melting and it will break the circuit or trip the circuit breaker and break to ‘heat-loop.

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