"Youtube and Beyond" by Kevin Lim

I attended a talk titled “Youtube and Beyond” yesterday. It was an amazing talk. And best of all, it was conducted by Singapore’s number one camwhore. Hahaha.

I guess I shouldn’t summarise the whole entire 2 hour talk in my blog entry. If you are interested, head on down to his wiki page for more information.

One very interesting topic mentioned in during the talk is regarding the Missing Link in Videoblogs. Perhaps the reason why video blogging hasn’t really taken off is because video is distributed as a whole itself. It does not have links in it. You can’t comment in the video.

So are we really video blogging or just doing video distribution without much interaction?

I think viddler may be the solution to this problem. It allows user to place comment in the videos and link from the middle of the video clip. It’s surprising that not many people heard of this amazing tool.

So what is stopping everyone from video blogging?
Lack of equipments?
Slow internet connection?
Lack of knowledge?
Camera Shy?

Well, the solutions are coming already. Video camera getting cheaper. Internet speed getting faster and cheaper. More and more people putting up article teaching others how to video blog. Camera shy? Errr… it will take time for the person to get used to it.

We can’t expect it to change suddenly. Blogging just picked up speed few years ago. I suppose video blogging will take longer time to pick up.

It’s a pity that the talk is only 2 hours long. There are too many issues uncovered. Especially the copyrights and privacy issue. Hope we are able to have another session to cover the topics that we missed out. Does not have to be face to face. Maybe online or something.

So I left the talk wondering…. when will we see something like this in Singapore.

Lip Dubbing: Crazy from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo

OK, I know it has already began in Singapore already. Check out the lipdubbing by Brennan & Kevin. But this is just the beginning. More will come….


  1. Hi DK, thanks for leaving this comment. It’s worth considering, although it won’t be a session just on Creative Commons — unless we can get some legal expert in to comment. Not sure how many people would be interested in such a talk though. If it’s not a talk, maybe a meetup 🙂 Cheers (btw, would you like to add your blog to the sgSocialMediaDirectory?)

  2. Ivan: The community is rather active lately. I’m sure there will be a bunch of people attending if there is a talk on Creative Commons or anything related to blogsphere and the new media. 🙂

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