A new Tempo

I was pretty surprised when I heard that one of the big boys in the industries is going to do something similar as what I plan to do.

The first reaction was…. I think I hit the right spot. Even the big boys notice this and wanted a pie share.

My second reaction was…. Shit, I’m not ready for competition yet. Especially when it’s coming from the big boys in the industries.

I still have confidence in what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure that my solution is better. Just that with them around, it would be harder to create what I have in mind. It also means that some of my plans need to be changed since it will no longer work with the big boys in the same field.

My initial intention was to do everything by myself and have it ready by end of the year. Looks like I need a new tempo now. End of the year is too late.

Should I outsource it so that everything can roll out faster?
Or should I stick to my planned tempo?


  1. interesting… without knowing too much details, if both of you roll out within the same 3-6 months time frame, my bet is the ‘big boy’ will win simply because they have more marketing dollars and reach. Try to think outta the box given this info. My 2 cents.

  2. Time really is an essence in entrepreneurship, normallly when u are the market leader, u control the market.

    The quality and the pricing of the product can add to the competition.

    Often do some case studies to understand some strategy, like why i-pod is having stronger market that Creative’s.

    If you want to go big, you usually need some ‘generals’ of different specialitise or a team of specialies.

    Our Best Wishes & Warmest Regards

  3. dun be intimidated by the big boys. try and strategise. get people whose expertise are what you need. 🙂

    think different 🙂 its what sets u and the big boys apart

  4. It all depends on what you want to get out of it. if it is just a hobby for you, it doesn’t really matter if the big boys come into picture.

    If you want the titled as the “founder” of course you try to come out as far as possible.

    If it is a money making thing, even you can get your idea out by tomorrow i doubt it will make much of a difference. Cos if any idea can make money, people will come in sooner or later. I think the advantage of been a first mover is getting lesser. Anyone with a well executed strategy can make up for the lag.

    anyway best wishes!

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