Call 1900-VOTE-4-DK now

Warning: This entry is a shameless plug.

I’m nominated for 5 out of 9 categories in the upcoming anniversary blog award 2007. Thank you for nominating me for those categories. Xie Xie Ni. 😀

Below are the category that I’ve been nominated.

Most Entertaining Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Decay On Net

Most Interactive Blog
Most Interactive Blog
Decay On Net

Most Entertaining Post
Most Entertaining Post
“Face on table” Meme

Most Insightful Post
Most Insightful Post
Qualification vs Performances. Which is more important?

Best Citizen Journalism Post
Best Citizen Journalism Post
Bring your own what? Bags?

Please vote for me. Call 1900-VOTE-4-DK now!
Each call costs $0.50.
Calls made before 1 July 2007 is subjected to 5% GST.
Calls made after 1 July 2007 is subjected to 7% GST.
Callers under the age of 18 should seek parental consent before calling.

Alternatively, you can vote online for free.

Updates: In sync with the government policy, I promise all my voters lift upgrades at their blogs. The new MRT square line station will stop at all my voters’ blogs. And ERS for everyone (virtual money).

Those who don’t vote for me will not get those benefits. I very democratic one. REALLY.


  1. CCDA: If your blog haven’t been upgrade, it means that there are others that need the upgrading more than you. You will be put on queue. 😀

    You cannot fault me 1 lah. hahaha….

  2. Wonder if there’s anyone that dim that really go call that 1900 number! hahahah!

    Then must vote that person liao..Most Blur award.

  3. dk,

    voted for you for two categories.. Most Interactive Blog and Most Insightful Post..

    owe me double treats ya.. haha..


  4. i also voted alreadyyy! 🙂 cant tell u who i voted for, tho! but i can say that u’re one of my fave blogs now! haha..

    btw. nice jibe at the gst increase. lol.

  5. Nay Min Thu: Thx for the vote. Owe you double treat? hmm…. let me see what’s the prize money for the blog award first…. wait… no prize money leh. Then how to treat? 😛

    Daphne: Thanks. But you must let me know then I’ll know if you get to have lift upgrading or not mah. 😀

    lancerlord: So whose number is that? Save Durai funds? 😛

  6. Voted liao.

    You very brave huh! When I saw ccda was the first to vote for you here. To tell you the truth, I am shaking and trembling.

    This time I am not going to risk my life to stop her with the chopper.

    My Best Wishes & Warmest Regards

  7. Ya hoh!

    Not bad idea. Will let CCDA know. Use your photo and photoshop it.

    And sent it to the press. Recent events get wide exposure with the media, very easy to make you target for publicity.

    hehehe…..Make sure You deliver your PROMISES.

  8. Aiyo…. dio liao then say lah. Then I say I give, but I didn’t say when I giving mah.

    I follow our govt example one okie. You cannot fault me one. 😀

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