Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #6

Sharks… I almost forgot completely about this.

I know how to repair printers
One of the printer in my office is having problem recently. The paper keep jamming during printing. A colleague reported the problem to me since I’m the duty LAN admin for the month. Thanks for seeing me so up. I really feel honored that you guys think I know how to repair printers too.

So I just went over see see look look. It appears that there is no problem doing normal printing. The paper will only jam when printing double side. I check the printer log and discovered that all the recent jam occur at the duplexer.

Conclusion, duplexer spoilt. Too bad we got no budget to get a new duplexer. Else I would had really ‘repaired’ the printer. Or maybe I should open up the duplexer and see if I can fix it myself. Hahaha….

Marking on MRT platform
Not sure if you notice, but there is some strange marking on the MRT platform lately.

Wondering what are they up to again this time. Hope the will not use it to increase the fare again.

Why guys carry PDA
There was a discussion on the forum about the date we choose for the birthday party, 07-07-07. Nice and easy to remember. Then Missy commented that its good to choose these easy to remember date for wedding and stuff so that you won’t forget to celebrate the anniversary. Uzyn asked what if choose easy date and the guy still forget.

Well, there is a reason why guys use PDA. But sometimes, it even reminds you of dates you don’t want to remember.

Geek Terminal ahead
One of the most common problem is that people can’t find Geek Terminal. Well, don’t worry. They just put up a signage recently. Can see from far.

Chio right?


  1. At least you got duty LAN admin at your side.

    I become “one-stop technical service centre” at my workplace, worst thing is that all my guys also technical ppl also, wah lau 🙁

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