What does wireless@sg really mean?

I got this screen instead of the usual login screen yesterday after logging on to the wireless@sg network at Bishan J8.

Its appears to me that they didn’t set up the wireless access point properly and we are being send to the admin page. And no, I can’t access internet as I haven’t got the chance to login yet.

We all know that the word ‘Google’ is a verb meaning to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet. It was officially added to Oxford English Dictionary (OED) on June 15, 2006, and to the 11th edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in July 2006.

Sometimes, I wonder…. if the word wireless@sg has a verb meaning, what would it be?

I guess wireless@sg as a verb can best used to describe “Without internet connection”. After all, I’ve already lost count of the number of times I see a wireless@sg access point yet still can’t log onto the internet.


  1. orh i jus realised u said J8 haha.

    anyways. wireless@sg as a verb can probably mean “ready but not excellent connection” haha.

  2. Daphne,

    I also always have problem conneting to the network. I’m usually in town area. What abut you? Where do you normally use the wireless@sg?

  3. Daphne: I know liao. Next time I have problem connecting to wireless@sg, I give you a call and you come down help me click the connect button. 😛

    cobalt: Maybe we should all start using wireless@sg as a verb. Hope more people will join in. 🙂

  4. Hello folks, I’m use wireless@sg a lot – i usually use it at macs (various – vivo, brasbrasah, liangcourt, tiong bahru) or nat library or starbucks (city hall/bugis), almost every other day after work. i must say i rarely run into problems. do u consistently run into the same problem? in any case, i read that the network is going to be fully rolled out only in september or something. if u have a complaint to make, why don’t u let the govt agency, IDA, and the company (be it singtel, icell or qmax) know? the govt shld be worried enough to go fix it since theres a reputational risk for singapore. just my 2 cents 😛

  5. hmm dk i find that i run into most problems with qmax. icell is second. somehow singtel is the best whn it comes to wireless@sg.

    i usually use it at macs, n libraries. not in town tho. i hate town area! so crowded! nxt time if u have problem at singtel’s area, thn let me know! 🙂 i can feedback to my manager in charge heehee..

  6. Anon: Useless lah. They will not admit there is a problem. They keep saying how good and how good it is, but everyone been saying they often encounter problems with it.

    Daphne: Why let your manager know? You working for wireless@sg?

  7. DK,

    Yes, I was in Bishan Junction 8 yesterday and I cannot connect to Wireless@SG. In fact, it does not work in Funan and Rochester Park. Even the Vodaphone ADSL adaptor does better than wireless connection.

  8. dk: i work for singtel, part-time la. but i was on the wireless@sg project before, n on sms/msn terms wif e manager hee hee! 😛

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