Just got my exams results today.

I still remember posting this on my twitter when I step out of the exam hall.

Well… the conclusion is that I’m indeed full of shit.

YES! I pass the paper! I was really surprised when I saw the results. Didn’t believe that I would pass that paper when I totally don’t know how to do a 25 marks question. And I thought that even if I pass, it would surely be just a C. But it turn out to be B-! Wow. Much better than what I expected.

Glad that I pass this round. One more semester to go. Must Jia You! Last hurdle to cross. I can almost smell that piece of paper already. Keep going DK, you are almost there. 1 more module, 1 more project, six more months and we’ll be thru.

There was a power trip at our office (again) today. The lucky thing was, my area wasn’t affected. We have already moved to this office for more than a year already and the power trip issue is still there. Somehow, they still couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong.

The affected area was near the server room. I wasn’t worried as the servers has UPS and thus should be safe. The building management people managed to restore the power shortly.

Few hours later, the admin clerk came over and told me that the server room was very warm and there are some loud noise from the servers. Shocked, I ran to the server room. It was like a mini sauna. The aircon in the server room is down. There is a backup aircon in the sever room that is suppose to kick in when the room is too warm. But somehow the backup aircon didn’t kick in.

The noise was from one of the server’s fan. It is spinning at full power and the amber light is on. The temperature is too warm already. It’s actually an old server. The newer server are still quite alright and working fine. But the old server was quite scary. Somemore the fan is really huge. And it’s still overheated?

For a moment, I was wondering if this server has a auto shutdown feature built-in when it is too warm. I know new servers/PC has that feature, but I’m not sure about the old ones. If not, it might just explode or something. Who knows, we might put the fire drill in good use.

I later found out that we are quite lucky because the old server wasn’t really that old and still has an auto shutdown feature.

I told the admin to call the building management guys to come check the aircon. I left the server room open so that the aircon from outside could come in. I’m so glad that the building management people managed to get the aircon back on before the server explode/auto shut down.

Being a bit kiasu, I turn on the backup aircon at full blast and kept the door shut. 2 hours later, the mini sauna become a mini antarctic. Well…. Better too cold than too hot.

We all know that money and sex attracts the most pongs in ping.sg. I won’t deny cause I also contributed to the pongs for sex related post. But then, sometimes when you see a posting that has nothing to do with sex or money, yet getting more than 100 pongs, it makes you wonder…. did that person cheat by spoofing his IP or posting the url in forums or blogs to attract more pongs.

KNN lor…. this kind of topic will get 100plus pongs meh? Even the sex related post only 49 pongs only. Who believe is real one?

I think it’s about time I retire my desktop PC.

The problem is some of the parts are still quite new. It will be a bit wasted if I throw it away.

Casing bought in 2000.
CDRW bought in 2000
Master Harddisk bought in 2000.
Sound card bought in 2002.
Video card bought in 2003.
Motherboard bought in 2003
RAM bought in 2003.
Slave Harddisk bought in 2003.
DVDRW bought in 2006.
LCD monitor bought in 2006.
Powersupply bought in 2006.

Should I get some new parts to fix the desktop? Or should I just let it retire completely? I’m thinking of replacing those old parts. Is $500 enough?

I’ll surely be getting a iMac when Leopard OS is out.

I feel quite sad for this guy when I read the news.

Top hotelier caught lying in CV resigns
Regional head of InterContinental Hotels Group claimed he had degrees from Cornell and Australia
By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent

A HIGH-FLYING hotelier caught lying about his educational qualifications has been shown the door.
Mr Patrick Imbardelli, 46, resigned as chief executive of the Asia-Pacific operations of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with immediate effect on Thursday.

‘This is a very serious matter and we have treated it very seriously,’ a spokesman for InterContinental Hotels was reported saying yesterday.

The Singapore-based Italian, who had held the position since 2003, has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, including time logged with the Hyatt and Hilton hotel chains.

He was named Asia-Pacific Hotelier Of The Year just last month by Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, a consultancy that serves the industry.

On July 1, he was to have become a board member of London-headquartered IHG, which runs the world’s largest hotel group with over half a million rooms. It runs the InterContinental, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza chains.

Internal checks by IHG ahead of this appointment led to his undoing.

An IHG statement to the London Stock Exchange read: ‘This decision follows an internal review of the academic qualifications of Patrick as previously presented to the company.’

Mr Imbardelli claimed to have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Australia’s Victoria University, as well as a Bachelor of Sciences and a master’s from America’s prestigious Cornell University.

He apparently attended classes at both places but did not graduate.

Mr Imbardelli – who is married with two children – was unreachable yesterday. A voice over the intercom at his Rochalie Drive residence said he did not wish to talk to anyone.

Meanwhile, IHG has launched a review of the curricula vitae of its ‘directors and senior executives’ across its global offices. The qualifications of its people in senior positions will be ‘double-checked’, said Ms Birte Sebastian, IHG’s regional spokesman.

She said Mr Imbardelli joined the group when it acquired Southern Pacific Hotels in Australia in 2000, and that it was not IHG’s policy back then to check the qualifications of people who came onboard through acquisitions.

Mr Tony South, a senior IHG vice-president, will be acting chief of Asia-Pacific operations ‘pending a permanent appointment’, she added.

Source: Straits Times

Sometimes I wonder, why do we still place so much emphasis on qualifications? Isn’t talent more important than that piece of paper?

I know that he resign not because he does not have the qualifications, but because of integrity. He lied in his CV. But look at it this way, if he didn’t lie in his CV, would he be able to get that position? I doubt so. And if he didn’t lied in his CV, would the company given him the chance to hold such a high position with a good chance to perform?

It’s amazing that someone without any paper qualifications can hold such a high position and even win the Asia-Pacific Hotelier Of The Year award. Should we sit down, pause for a few second and ask ourselves…. is a paper qualification really that important? There are a lot of successful people without degree qualification.

Paper qualifications is the only way for an employer to know how good the person is during the interview. But does having good grades means you are a good worker? Or does not having any paper qualifications means that you are not good? Can a piece of paper proof that the person has talent?

Have you seen people with fantastic results in school yet perform badly at work? And have you seen people without any qualification yet perform well at work?

It’s just like the current situtation that I’m in. I’ve been working with the company for 4 years already. I’m a Junior Officer because I only have a diploma. But I’ve been doing things that Senior Officer does. My performance is good, but the only thing that is holding me back from the promotion is my qualification. My boss even told me that I will be promoted once I get my degree.

But why? You mean a piece of paper is more important than performance?

A friend of mine emailed me recently about a business plan that he has. He send me a very draft plan and suggested meeting up for some discussion. Well, the draft is really very very brief that I have no idea what he wanted to do.

So we met today at geek terminal (again) to discuss about his idea. He wanted my opinions about the business idea he had. I must say that the idea sounds good, but isn’t perfect yet. Still quite a bit of things need to be worked out. I tried to help by pinpointing some of the areas where he might need be more careful about. Hope I would be of a great help to him.

I won’t say what he is planning to do yet since he is not ready. You don’t want copycats to know your idea before you roll out your products.

I also discussed with him the plans that I have. He is very supportive of the idea and suggested another way of executing the plans. He suggested that I hire web programmers to do the job instead of picking up the language myself. Worth considering… but I still prefer to get myself dirty. We will see how.

It was a pleasant meeting. I must say that I really felt very honored that he came to me for opinions. And thanks for the coffee treat. 🙂