Rob bank until can open shop

Remember I mentioned before a friend who rob bank one? HAHA…. OK lah, not really rob bank lah. He is actually selling collectors watch online. But I’ve never heard of those brands before and some of the watches are so expensive you can almost buy a car with that amount! That’s why I say he rob bank one.

And apparently, business is pretty good for him. So good that he is opening a shop at Shaw Towers. Wah! Rob bank until can open shop leh.

OK OK, seriously. He is one expert when comes to watches. And we are not talking about those normal brands you see in the shops. We talking about collectors brand. Those that you never heard of and can never pronounce the brand name correctly. And he himself has so many watches that he need more than 2 arms to wear all of them. If you interested in buying a collector’s watch, he is the right person.

Anyway, congrats on your new shop opening. Got new shop opening never invite me for the party. You good! Next time don’t send you flowers liao. Hahahaha.


Was ordering flowers for my friend’s shop opening today. Visited and was quite impressed with their online shop. Cool site. So convenient. Next time if I want to buy flowers for gal, can just do it online. No need to go to the florist personally. hahahaha…..

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