Strange job interview request

I got a phone call yesterday evening from a company informing me that I’ve been selected to go for a job interview. I’ve been sending out several resume over the weekends, so it wasn’t really a surprise for me. But the problem is, the company name doesn’t ring a bell. Strange, by right I should be able to recall the name of the company I send my resume to.

I went home to check all the resumes that I’ve send and realise that I didn’t send my resume to this company. Strange, then how did they get my contact? And funny thing is, the person is addressing me by my Dialect name instead of my English name. Although I put both my dialect and English name in my resume, I thought most people would prefer to address me using my English name.

So I went online to lookup this company. They have a website. A rather pathetic webpage I must say. It has their company logo, a countdown counter to 2007(?!?!?) and a link to their forum. And the link to the forum is a broken link.

I’m seriously having second thought about going for an interview there.
Firstly, the interview is during office hours, which means that I need to apply for half day leave.
Secondly, I didn’t send my resume to this company, how did they get my information?
Thirdly, their website is really very outdated and poorly maintained.

I don’t mind working for a startup. But if the company doesn’t make an effort to maintain their company’s website, would they be able to treat their staff well? It’s already July 2007 and the countdown counter to 2007 is still there. That means the site hasn’t been maintained for at least half a year! (In the first place, why put a countdown counter to 2007?) And broken links from your company’s main website? And the website serves no purpose at all. Not a hint of what your company is doing. Wouldn’t it be better to close down your website instead?

Perhaps I should give this a miss. Really sound too fishy. I never send them my resume and their website really cannot make it. Don’t want to waste my leave.


  1. CCDA: Ya lor. Scally is those black shop. Make me go sell backside. Somemore the office very close to Geylang!!


  2. Don’t go lar since you are not interested.

    Btw, this person might got your contact through networking or recommendation..this is how head-hunter works. 😛

  3. strangely i get that too… suppose HR in different companies are sharing CVs.

    and after visiting your friend’s site I wanna get myself a Muhle Glashutte too 🙁

  4. Jole: I think this one is a MLM or something.

    You really want to get a Muhle Glashutte? Cool. You want me to get my friend to contact you?

  5. Just give them a call and ask what they want. If they refuse to divulge anything and insist that you meet them first then forget it lor. 🙂

  6. sounds dodgy.

    u shd ask sekling abt dodgy companies’ interview. she got experience.. haha. u can ask her on sat lor.. hee..

  7. Email me the company name if you are comfortable or best list it here in your blog.

    I believe somehow someone will know or heard about this company before.

    A lousy website may not be the best representation of the company but that doesnt meant that it is a lousy one too. Some companies are churning millions a year and yet dont even have a website. 🙂

  8. i agree with paddy.

    some companies have crap IT skills but yet have very huge profits.

    that includes even IT companies! shocking but true

  9. Larry: Yeap. Spoken to them, they didn’t give me exact answer as to what is the position and stuff. I’ve cancelled the interview session with them.

    Daphne: She has experience? Hmmm… okie. Will ask her on Saturday. Haha.

    Paddy: I believe that it’s better not to have a website rather have a poor website. (Just like no impression is better than bad impression)

  10. tigerfish: Revamp the website? That is like creating the website from scratch.

    mark: Yeap. Maybe because they concentrate on the product more than the image. But still, I feel that there should be a balance. 🙂

    Jole: 6573 (The last 4 digit from that company’s phone number) Hahahaha….

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