Strange job interview request part 2

I already made up my mind not to attend the interview session. The whole thing sound too fishy. But before I could call the company to inform them that I’m not interested in the job, the staff called again me to confirm if I’m coming. So I use this opportunity to clarify some doubts.

The guy told me that they got my contacts thru some third party database. He didn’t manage to tell me what database is it. But it doesn’t seems to be those job search database. Then I ask him what position is the interview for, the guy hesitate a bit before replying that they have many position available. HUH???

So I told them nicely that I’m not interested anymore.

Firstly, where got HR staff call you second time to remind you of a job interview one? (OK, maybe I haven’t met this kind of good HR dept)
Secondly, they got my contacts from third party database. But not everyone in the database is looking for job what. That means they anyhow hamtam everyone. Won’t it be easier to post ads on newspaper and website to advertise for jobs?
Thirdly, they have ‘many’ position? Where got company call up someone for interview without having a position in mind first? It sound more like they just want me to go their office.

Actually, I think I know what it is about. They claim that they are doing bio-medical products. And the way they try to get you to their office could only mean one thing…. MLM.

No thanks hor.


  1. sounds fishy indeed! good thing you didn’t go ahead with the interview…
    i was once approached by some headhunter through my LinkedIn profile, also was a weird kind of offer and i didn’t go for it.

  2. Bernard: Ya. They were lucky cause I’m looking for job lately. I thought is one of the company that I send my resume to.

    Malique: Yeap. Luckily I didn’t apply 1/2 day leave to attend. Else I’ll sure curse and swear at them.

    Bianca: Wow… didn’t know headhunter use linkedln. Interesting. Do they use facebook and friendster too? 😀

  3. Hmmm… they could be trying to get you to be a financial advisor or a real estate agent too. Those positions are usually more fluid and operated on a commission basis so there would be a lot more flexibility in hiring staff.

  4. Cool Insider: But the company deals with bio-medical stuff leh. Think most likely is MLM with those crappy products.

  5. Bio-medical?

    If they are not telling you what exact products they are doing in a straight-forward manner. I am afraid that must be MLM. I have a friend doing it, bio-medical.

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