How to win the blog award?

OK, as you guys know, I’m nominated for 5 categories in the upcoming anniversary blog award 2007. Well, I didn’t really publicize much about my nomination. I’m not those type that hang my avatar at every lamp post along the road. I’m also won’t drive a lorry around the place and broadcast a recorded message of me urging voters to vote for me. This is not my way to run for election.

As you all know, I’m promising all my voters the following:-
1) Lift upgrades at their blog.
2) MRT square line station will stop at their blog.
3) ERS (virtual money) for everyone.

Voting has since closed and I’m sure a lot of people are buying into the perks that I’ve offered. I promise that I’ll give you everything that I promise if I win. Only I can give you these benefits. Look at my competitor, they are not capable to give you anything. OK, I’m sure a lot of you are saying that I’m using bribes to win votes. Mind you, these are not bribery. These are election benefits offered to my voters.

But to further ensure that I win all 5 categories, I’m taking some extra measures. I think I’ll need to bribe the prize presenters too.

To all the 10 prize presenters, I’m offering you these benefits if you announce me as the winner of the award instead of the real winner:-
1) Door gift (In case you don’t know, I’m incharge of the door gift. *evil laugh*)
2) Free dinner at geek terminal on 7 Jul 2007 (Buffet)
3) Spend a night with me (valid for female prize presenters only)

Think about it. Are you going to present the award for free? Or will you want to receive some special gifts from me? The choice is yours. *smoke cigar*

PS: This is a PPP (Pang Pui Post). Just like the usual PPP from EastCoastLife , this entry should not be taken seriously.


  1. “But to further ensure that I win all 5 categories, I’m taking some extra measures. I think I’ll need to bribe the prize presenters too”

    You are not suppose to “bribe” remember? heheh

  2. ECL: You LAH! Pang so much Pui until the air polluted liao. Now I have to pang my “perfume” pui to neutralize the air.

    Arzhou: Well, I already one palm cover the sky liao. I wanna say what also can. Wahahahaha…

  3. Vesance: This time round don’t need. Will consider using that tactic next year. Thx for the suggestion. Hahaha…

  4. …and majority of the sponsors are coming thru me.,,, … you dare to kelong?? hahaha!!

    I am very sure no one will turn up. hahaha

  5. is ok! me n sheylara will gladly give up that not-very-attractive offer.

    im sure many men out there are waiting to take up ur offer, though.

    consider opening it to men also lah ok? 🙂

  6. Paddy: Yes, I dare to kelong leh. The most you all throw your bak2u, shuffle-art and Chainofbeads at me when I go up collect my award lor. 😛

    Daphne: You 2 never give it a try, how you know you don’t want it?

    And sorry, really not open for guys. Too bad for them. 😛

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