Starbucks uses super automatic espresso machine

I went to the newly opened Starbucks at Marina Square yesterday. The ambience is good with quite a lot of sofa seats. I only managed to get a seat after 5 minutes.

I went to the counter to order my usual Cafe Mocha and discover something shocking. Starbucks is using those super automatic espresso machine. Those “press one button and you get coffee” espresso machine. It’s not those espresso machines with a porta-filter where you press the coffee powder in the basket.

Suddenly I felt so cheated. Now ANYBODY can be a barista. Just press one button and you get instant coffee. No more grinding or pressing. I can be a barista too, just give me 30 minutes training and I’ll be brewing perfect coffee for everyone.

And I’m not sure if it is just me or the coffee. But somehow, the coffee doesn’t taste as good as before. There are some talks that super automatic espresso machine doesn’t make coffee as good as those semi-automatic espresso machine. I’m not sure if it is really the fact or is it my mind playing a trick on my taste buds.

Why did Starbucks scoop to the same level as TCC? I still remember couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was joking about TCC’s coffee because they are using super automatic espresso machines instead of the semi automatic espresso machines that all the other coffee places are using. But now we are seeing Starbucks using super automatic espresso machine too. Feel quite disappointed. Is this the new “Starbucks Experience”? I thought an institute like Starbucks would put more stress on training their staff rather than using those super automatic espresso machine.

I think I’ll avoid Marina Sq Starbucks from now on.


  1. gasp! fully auto machine. bummer. i prefer coffee handmade by a barista. instead of some machine churning out coffee.

    i guess completely made machine coffee doesn’t have the human touch involved.

  2. silverelf: Haha. Well, we never know, maybe we did see each other yesterday. Too bad I don’t know how u look like.

    Nicole: yeap. Confirm lack the human touch.

    Paddy: Ya, but too bad they close at 10pm leh.

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