The most hurtful things a friend can say

Not really say, but rather SMS.

“I’m never going to speak with you again.”

And you’ll never know how hurtful it could get when a friend said this. Especially when I didn’t do anything wrong at all. What fault am I at? All I did was tell her that we met for dinner and beer one night and chatted until 4am. That was quite some time ago already.

And she twisted that info to do personal attack on you. But it wasn’t my fault. She twisted the truth, not me. Why should I also be at the receiving end? What did I do to deserve this?

Yes, I understand that you are angry with her. I would also be angry if I’m placed in the same position as you. But there is really nothing I can do except ask you to put down the differences and forget it. She has already removed her blog entry and said sorry. What else can we all do except put down the differences and move on?

I’m indeed the best loser last night. I’ve lost a friend….


  1. dk,

    I talked to u personally after our beer session last nite. I was hoping you can calm ecl down. But you said to me No..let her blog let her point stopping her.

    I saw it coming. You could have stopped the fire before it started.

    Sek Ling

  2. Sek Ling: You see me too up already. Even her husband couldn’t stop her, do you think I can?

    If I could stop her, I would already done it. But after knowing her for few months, I knew that there is nothing you can do to stop her when she is not happy over certain issue. I just didn’t expect it to turn out this bad.

    I really hope everyone put down the differences and move on. This is really very bad for the community.

  3. Yea, I think its time everyone drop our differences and move on, it is bad for the community if we keep staying at this matter.

    Take it as a lesson learnt I guess. Hopefully she will calm down and understand the position that almost everyone in the community is in.

  4. To change people’s personality and attitude is not within our hands. It is better to accept people as who they are, and accordingly tailor our relationship with them.

    I think the whole issue will teach all of us many lessons.. It’s important to learn from them and not flame people.. or get angry over it..

    And finally, I really hope you get back your friend… 🙂

  5. DK,

    Like i’ve said all these while within my blog and with others’ blog as a comment. Its a blog for christ sake. And blog is a personal thing. And its a personal right per say. so.. really no need to jump.. or be disappointed. thats the dynamic of organisation. Differences is what we have cause no two person have same character. And the best practice is to quarrel on the spot and then after that.. go for a drink and put everything aside.

    Thats how I work in my organisation. If there is a need to argue with my boss, i will and i did and after that we will still carry on with life after a drink immediately after the arguement. Personally arguement have to stop at one point. And by-standers like us chooses the side we want to stand. Anyway, the terms of judgement is clear from the on start from selection to determining who is the winner. Its a voting system.

    By all means, thats the short coming of democracy. And like i mention its general consensus and the good thing is only the minority will oppose to the decision which equates to not so much problem yar? haha… Its not even a war to start with.. its only an arguement and thats common.

  6. I don’t really know the whole story, perhaps she was influenced by sentiment or emotion, give her some time to calm down.

    You are not a loser! I’m still reading your blog. Cheer up, DK!

  7. Hey Dk,

    dude. So sorry to hear about the flying flaming shit going around after the awards event. I know how it is to help setup and run the whole day for something only to get scolded and unappreciated for your hard work.

    Singaporean communities are very hard to manage. Somehow it is within our human nature to feel entitled for almost everything. Added to that is a general lack of tact in social situations. That’s why we are known for having this spirit of complaining. Now involve blogs and the “power” it gives to us to be able to simply throw up our thoughts, rants and thoughts on any matter without thinking ahead or caring about how it can effect others and it’s not too hard to see how communication can break down and fights happen.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t give up. Take all the time you need to feel better about everything. Remember to believe in the concept and the community foundations already laid down instead on individual people. Ideals last longer than emotions.

    Fully expect you to be back on your feet and helping the local blogging community come together and grow. You have my support from the sidelines.

  8. Why have things become so political? I thought the whole idea of is to let bloggers read about other bloggers and have fun whilst doing all that and hanging out?

    Maybe its time to take a back seat and think about the objective of setting up in the first place cos it seems the original objective has already been forgotten…

  9. iris: Its a long story. Don’t bother about us lah. You just go in and have fun. We will sort out the problem soon.

  10. DK, I’ve been watching the situation and just wish to add that you have a commendable amount of commitment to your community. It’s a thankless role you’ve put yourself in, with expectations rising higher at every turn. These are the growing pains of communities that have existed before (i.e. history repeats itself). It’s a necessary evil which will make the community wiser.

    *Pat Pat on your back*

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