I blew my top just now

Been handling the whole issue rather well, ignoring the flaming and stuff. Even when I was being sandwiched between 2 friends and end up losing both of them, I still managed to keep my cool. Was rather surprised myself too. When did I get such high endurance level?

But I blew my top just now over a small misunderstanding. Just simply blew it. Looking back, I think I was rather foolish. Now that I’ve calmed down, I was quite ashamed that I actually blew up over such small matter. Especially at this sensitive period. Sorry guys.

This is a critical time for everyone in ping.sg. Those who don’t like us can’t wait to see us fall apart. We can fall apart any moment if things aren’t handled properly. Everyone is looking at us.

We have to stand united if we want to get over this crisis. Face the problem as a team. Put down all differences and move on. And move on we will.


  1. You’ve always tried to be the nice guy so it’s actually good to see you can lose your cool πŸ™‚

    Coz nice guys just get run over, steamrolled.

    Not that I advocate not being nice, but there comes a time, when you need to take a stand for what you believe in.

    Let’s hope this incident will strengthen this community instead, although I’m not really an active part of it, but it’s a nice community and would be a shame to see it fall apart over this.

  2. HighwayBlogger: Yeap. Lets hope the community will strengthen after this.

    molemole: Thing? What thing? Nothing what. *Act blur*

  3. molemole: I guess I’m too late. You already found the setting liao right? πŸ˜€

    cc: Aiyo, you are my arch enemy mah. Don’t bully you then I bully who?

    OK OK, if you don’t want, then I don’t play with you liao lor. πŸ˜›

  4. You still have the old gang of friends that you have been neglecting lately…

    Gone were the days of prata-ing and F&C-ing…

    Does it make you feel better or worse. =)

  5. Brother, take it easy, just have to learn a bit thick skin. I must say not easy to handle ladies.

    Like tat no. 20 also problem lah. My Jaymes sure settle earlier than you liao.

    Just let thing cool down. I am very shock of things happening in blogsphere. Even with some smoke, if fan it can be flame.

  6. I am more worry with the fanning or ‘terrorist’ elements.

    I am a bit worry of people like passerby, and I think Uzyn zero that on ECL. Thanks, that was under control by the ping community too.

    ECL look a little depressed, she does not talk much, I hope it does not cause a relapse of her depression, as in the MOE episode.

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