Internet at $2.50 per 10 minutes? Me no fool.

Did anyone notice the pacnet internet kiosk at the MRT station. I’ve noticed it for quite some time already, but have always been in a hurry and no time to check it out.

I finally got the chance to play with it on monday evening at Bugis MRT. As usual, nobody is using it. The first thing I notice is the unfriendly touchpad.

To click, you need to tab on the touch pad area. No right button. In fact, no buttons at all. Which also means you can drag items. The keyboard doesn’t look very comfortable too.

Then I got a shock when I saw the pricing.

$0.25 per minute?!?! For internet?
You got to be kidding. That is too expensive. No wonder you never see people using it. Why would I want to pay $0.25 per minute for internet access. That is $15 per hour! Or $2.50 per 10 minutes

This is Bugis MRT station. Just 3 minutes walk away from a wireless@sg access point. (Provided that the wireless@sg is up) And 7 minutes walk away from this…..

An internet cafe. Rate is at $2 per hour. I believe they provide chairs and proper keyboard and mouse.

OH ya, the kiosk is suppose to have a feature to top up ezLink card too. But I couldn’t seems to get the unit to top up my card. Argh


  1. the keyboard is ok, just that the plastic layer gets in the way of typing… and the touch pad is erm yuck.

    I tried when it still allows free surfing… very limited function web-browser… using firefox… πŸ˜›

    and oh, the speeds are so-so. nothing fantastic to rave about =)

  2. ctrl + click to open in new tab?

    Saw this too at AMK station just now. And a lady was using it. Didn’t know that we have to pay to use. Hmm… think its more for those who’re waiting for friends and got nothing to do and too much money to spend ba.

  3. claudia: Yeap. Indeed for those who have too much money. I’ll rather be bored to death than surf net at such rates.

  4. Hello,
    the kiosk is not man for local, it is man to prey on the AngMoh. Dirty-rich AngMoh who love to be conned.

  5. I have used these kiosks for a few times to quickly check my emails and check the latest news. They seem to put them all over the place now. Saw them at some of the SPH BuzzPods in the bus interchanges as well. Personally, I got no problems with the touchpad. Think they purposely stripped out the buttons, so that users can’t mess around with the system. Have you noticed, users can’t access the desktop or control panel? For a quick surfing session it’s ok. Sure, I can surf cheaper at an Internet Cafe, but then I have all the hassle of getting there first. If I take MRT or bus I end up paying for that as well. To be fair to these guys the kiosks are in prime locations, so they probably charge a premium to cover their rental and so on. And hey…have you ever thought about what you pay for a minute of mobile phone usage??? You shouldn’t be using that either then!

  6. Nuki: You working for pacnet huh? hahaha…. kidding kidding.

    Agree that it’s for quick surfing. But really, the pricing is way too high already.

    Premium location? Errr… they don’t occupy too much space, thus I think their rental aren’t that expensive. Further more, the internet cafe in town area are charging around $6 per hr if I’m not wrong. This kiosk is $15 per hour.

    Pricing really too high.

  7. Hahaha…no lah…not working for Pacnet…although coming to think about it…I wouldn’t mind… πŸ˜›

    I run a business, and one thing I have learned is that all pricing is relative. If email is important for your job/business and time is of the essence…or if you can make $$$ by quickly logging into your online share trading account…2 or 3 bucks probably won’t matter to you, right?

    Likewise, I see many Singaporeans sitting in fancy coffee shops where they voluntarily pay 5+ times the price for a coffee that they would need to pay in the kopitiam where I sip mine.

    So…I guess at the end of the day it’s all a question of personal preferences and/or convenience…and sometimes I don’t really mind paying a bit more for these two things. In fact, that’s what we all do…in one form or another…trust me… πŸ˜‰

  8. Nuki: I belive that if email is important to your work, you would already had gotten a blackberry or laptop + m1 mobile broadband. πŸ˜›

  9. I was in KL recently. Almost everywhere is wireless. even in a small cafe. πŸ™‚ Whole airport is wireless free. no need to login anything. Just click and surf. – Roger

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