KNNBCCBWTF!!! Lim Peh blog rating is PG only!!!

KNNBCCBWTF!!! My blog is Rated ‘PG’! FUCKING ‘PG’ only lor!

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You KNN see lim peh no up issit? Give me this kind of nabei useless rating. KNN! Si Gin Na! You better watch out I tell you. Lim peh confirm hack into your bloody website and pour black paint on it. *point 3rd finger*

KNN. What a fucking disgrace! Bloody Hell. Limpeh must scold more bad words here so that I can get a big ass ‘R’ rating. Idiot! KNN! WTF! *^$%@%!#


  1. Good Lord … my site is rated “R” with a bright red sign. This is just not possible.

    *Raising fists to the sky*

  2. To get a higher rating, I suggest you don’t use hokkien vulgarities because I think the program is not an ah beng and won’t understand you one bit. šŸ˜›

  3. Haha I got the ‘R’ rating by mentioning words like ‘dangerous’ and ‘sex’. You can try with those words.

  4. Qiaoyun: Well… they should KNN-ly go learn some hokkien vulgarities. Ai Si ah? hokkien vulgarities is the mother of all vulgarities. How can they not include it?

    chillycrap: This is crap.

    é˜æ陈: Why the word ‘dangerous’ also got problem meh? Strange.

  5. They is the ang moh. They is donch unnerstand ‘ch**bye’. Must take the ‘fark’ and sprinkle liberally all over your posts. Confirm kena R-rating.

  6. Farinelli: You deserve a R rating. *pat on back*

    woggle: Well, then those KNN ang moh should really wake up their bloody idea and start learning the fine arts behind hokkien vulgarities.

    highwayblogger: Lousy lah you. At least I’m PG. šŸ˜€

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