Congrats to!!!

The server keep crashing today due to heavy traffic load. I want to take this chance to congratulate Uzyn and everyone in

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be 幸灾乐祸 here. But this is a stage that all successful website has to go thru. Friendster was there. Twitter was there. (Maybe still there, but seems like getting out soon)

Surprised that reach this stage so fast. Maybe a bit too fast for us to react. Lets hope we can get pass this stage quickly and painlessly.

Cheers everyone! This is another milestone.


  1. i hope we will GROW instead of jus becoming MORE POPULAR.

    whats the diff?

    Grow = people register and use

    become more popular = ppl come to and park their browsers there, waiting for activity, but not participating.

    heehee. 🙂 hope there will be more active members…

  2. wow u mean ping now experience the sort of traffic like friendster? Congrats!

    Actually i thought grow is easier than getting popular. As in as more people like me know about ping, they will use this tool to market their blog and hence ping will grow.

    become more popular will be that ping become so happening that everyone wants to be associate with ping.

    guess different defintion

  3. daphne: Well, you need to become popular first in order to grow. Now that the lurkers are there, its our job to make them become active. 😀

    astro: Actually, I think both are equally hard. Oh well…. different definitations ba.

  4. i realised that it started happening after the party.. meaning that the party was pretty much a success!

    because people like me started lurking around the shoutbox.. haha

  5. but the lag is no fun yeah? hope it can get resolved soon 🙂

    There’s a URL redirect problem on my previous comment so I logged in using my blogger lol

  6. highway: So you are one of the lurkers. OK, we will catch you and force you to chat in the shoutbox. Hahaha… 😛

    Yeap. Hope can resolve soon. And hope the solution doesn’t involve money.

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