Everyone is equal

I guess you all read about what happen to PM Lee’s son in NS. This guy got guts man. Write complaint letter to almost every mother’s son in SAF, including Chief of Defense, Chief of Army and also Minister of Defense. He only left never include his papa and ah gong in the email.

When I saw the internet forums talking about this issue, I thought it would never go to the mainstream media. Sure cover up one lah. But I was wrong. It appeared in the news today. Guess the news is spreading so widely in the internet that there is no use for any cover ups. This is the power of the new media. You can even find his exact email in the internet too.

I’m not going to post because it is a damn long email and I almost fall asleep reading it. Wah piang. We all know you scholar, but also don’t need to write such a bloody long email to show everyone how scholar you are lah. Complaint letters, especially to the top should be precise and straight to the point. Not beat about the bush, wishy washy here and there, then say the things you want to complaint. You think those important people up there got the time to sit down there for 15 minutes to read your long long letter? Wake up your idea lah.

I wish this guy will not be our Prime Minister in the future. The national day rally by his ah gong and lao peh already very long winded liao. I cannot imagine how his national day rally will be like.

While I agree with his views and salute his courage to stand up and log a complaint, I feel that his method is totally wrong. This is not civilian life where you happily shoot email to the CEO of the company when you encounter poor service from the company. This is the army. OK, some of you may think it’s your grandfather’s army. But still, this is the army. The first thing I learnt at Tekong is chain of command. It is so important that they make sure you know the chain of command first, then bring you to shave hair. Serious. This is to ensure that if you are not happy with your haircut, you know you should first complaint to the barber, follow by your SGT, Paltoon SGT, PC then OC. Cannot happily happily go find Camp Commander to complain the barber cut your hair not nice. EVERYTHING must follow chain of command. Every Single Small Thing.

So this guy power. Email all the way up to minister. Perhaps they forgot to tell him about chain of command before they shave his hair. Or perhaps he thinks he can get away with it because his lao peh is the minister’s boss. But he is so wrong. Mindef issue a media statement claiming that disciplinary actions has been taken against the PM’s son for breaking the chain of command.

“2LT Li was found to have contravened the General Orders of Mindef by broadcasting his letter of complaint to many other servicemen – almost all of whom were neither directly under his command, nor in an official capacity where they could deal with the matters contained in his letter of complaint. 2LT Li has been formally charged and administered a reprimand after a summary trial,”

Everyone is equal. Even if you are Prime Minister’s Son and Minister Mentor’s Grandson, you will still be punished when you make a mistake in the army. There is no such thing as white horse in Mindef.

But some people are MORE equal than others. Break chain of command all the way up to minister and all he got is a warning. No DB or SOL. Not even extra duties. Nothing! Just a verbal warning. Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal.

Welcome to Animal Farm. Welcome to Singapore.


  1. I heard of a friend who got sabo-ed and sent out an email to Teo Chee Hean and kanna-ed 7 extras.

    But I gotta admit la, his email made some sense. But imagine you tell the Minister of Defence and CDF in the face that their army cannot make it…

    And I wonder how the now-very-jialat LTA is now…

  2. his extras and all that are considered to be unofficial punishment and hence not publicised.

    Official punishment are administered after he is charged, including a reprimand, a fine or DB.

  3. Hmm.. but even the superiors are slacking or aren’t doing what should be done, doesn’t this justify breaking the chain of command?

    I think the only issue I have with him is that he mass email everyone – hence a question of national security?! He went out to shame, but gonna shamed instead… He should have just email to the person he wanna complaint to instead!

  4. Yee Hung: Thanks for providing the benchmark! 7 extra doesn’t sound so bad. I was expecting heavier punishment.

    Yes, his email make sense. I agree with his email. But the method he used is wrong. Totally wrong.

    Anon: I certainly hope so. Else he would had gotten away with this too easily.

    Kev: He did complain to that person’s boss. But he didn’t take action. By right, the next thing to do is to complain to the person’ boss’s boss. But he shoot email all the way up to minister. Too bad lor.

  5. this is realy funny.

    i was updating my parents, who have been gallivanting in europe for the last 2 weeks and hence, cut off from singapore n malaysia news..

    told thm abt this case, n quoted wat u wrote, “everyone is equal. but some people are MORE equal than others.”

    they both laughed really loudly. haha. i guess ur post cheered 2 people up today, after a long long long long flight 🙂

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