I'm on pownce

Finally registered my Pownce account. Thanks a lot to Kevin for sending me the invite.

I’m still trying to explore the features in pownce. Looks nice. They are also one of the few early Adobe AIR adopters. Cool. Still need to explore the features in order to see how they make use of Adobe AIR for their desktop application. Need more friends in my list too. PLEASE add me. My nick is DK lor. What else? 😛

OK, I must return somethings to the society. I’m giving out 4 pownce invites. If you want, just put your email address in the comment, and I’ll send you the invite. (Don’t email me hor) First come first serve.


  1. OK, all 4 invites given out.

    I’ve deleted your comments so that those who miss this chance will not be able to identify you and take revenge on you. (And also prevent spammer/stalker from getting your email)

    Oh ya… check your junkmail box too. The invite might sometimes be thrown to junkmail box. See you guys in pownce! 😀

  2. AIR which stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime is a tool to bring your web application into desktop. And Pownce is just like Twitter except for better features such as having a desktop widget to send the messages to friends, groups or post it as public message. You can even send the files to your friends as in individual or group. And put up events.

    DK, you can invite more than 6, it will just show negative sign in front of number. They haven’t fixed it though at least till now. Or you can duplicate invites by inviting to your another email so you will have 5 x 6 = 30 😛

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