Comfort Cab should give me KrisRider card

At this rate that I’m going, I should be able to get the Comfort Cab’s KrisRider card soon. Serious! I’ve been taking cab at least once a week. And all the trip cost at least $17. Now I know where all my money goes to.

Somehow, I think I’m facing a serious problem. I can’t sleep at night and can’t wake up early in the morning. I’m now immune to my alarm clock. Several friends offered me “Morning Call Service” at daylight robbery rates ranging from $10 per call to $2 per call. Wah. Seriously, if I’m going to pay that amount, I expect more than just normal morning call service. Hahaha… kidding, kidding.

But still, I really doubt morning call can wake me up too. I’m also using my handphone as a second alarm clock and it also failed to wake me up. So will morning call be able to get me up? I don’t think so leh.

Terrible. I think I need to try get myself to sleep earlier. Perhaps use hammer to knock myself out at 12midnite everyday.


  1. Wah… you can fight with Paddy, the taxi king liao!! I was telling him that CityCab/comfort should give him one big hamper at the end of the year for thanking him as he contributed to a huge % of their sales! Haha…

    Paddy takes taxi practically everyday, and sometimes its more than 1 ride per day hor…. 🙂

  2. just rmbr:
    – no coffee after 5pm
    – drink warm milk before sleep
    – exercise / sweat

    or get some help from your GP.

  3. all hammering rights belong to slyvia and chillycraps okayyy.

    anyways. DK, u need to stop being obsessed with reading blogs at nite. i know u love us, but still. sleep is more impt k. u can read blogs when u get to office in the morning.


    i used to take cabs a lot too! then i decided that i need to stop being such a lazy bum. hahaha.

    i took cab to cross the road before, when the pedestrian traffic light was not working and i couldn’t cross.. i also took cab within NTU, from hostel to my faculty.

    i tink i win, when it comes to laziness ho ho ho.

  4. tstar & wishbone: You 2 use hammer and fight it out first lah. Let me know who win.

    scubscub: He rich mah. He different playing level as me. haha…

    xinyun: Seems useless for me leh. 😛

  5. Daphne: You took cab just to cross the road??? WAH! *Worship*

    Malique: No leh. Don’t like the idea. Prefer to have my own quiet moment when traveling to work.

  6., I have been taking the cab more often than once a week, often to transport my instrument, the double bass. If there is such a loyalty card, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  7. I been trying to cut down but I discovered that I can do more when on a cab actually. For example, when I am rushing for time I will get a cab but never cos of oversleeping.

    I will plan my stuff during the taxi trip, making calls, make appointment, doing emails on the laptops and also testing software on new phones.

    Once arrived, will hit the nearby wifi place and push out all the emails.

    So in a way, save time, pay more money but get more things done too. I hate sitting on the cab and let your mind wander around or talking to the driver listening to their hate speech against the gahmen.

  8. Paddy: Ya, I take cab so that I can sleep slight longer. Can? 😛

    Oops! Oceanskies79 is a gal? Oops!! Sorry sorry! All along I keep thinking is a guy leh. *Pay extra more attention to oceanskies79 now* hahahaha…..

    Jacelyn: Weird things happen everywhere…. 😛

  9. HJ: Zhensq only give free morning call service to her boi boi 1 lor. She is the one who wanted to charge me $5 per call leh!

    winnilicious: This is one kakis I’m not proud to have. 😛

  10. No worries.
    I can’t claim myself rich, at least not yet. It is just a challenge for me to transport my 2-metres tall instrument about on MRT and buses during peak hours. As such, taxi is the next best choice, since I don’t have a car.

  11. oceanskies79: How many times have you tried taking mrt with your instrument? How many times did the security stop you for checking? 😛

  12. I have tried to take MRT twice with my instrument. I have tried another time with someone else’s instrument. So far, no security stopped me. Maybe I look honest enough?

    The main issue is that I don’t wish to have my instrument in crowded areas. I alone can’t have the energy to protect others from hitting against my fragile instrument. I put it in soft-case (cos hard case are very expensive), so I have to be very careful with it.

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