Toast Box

T treated us to toastbox on his last day in the company. Never tried toastbox before, although I heard people saying that their coffee and toast not nice one.

Anyway, since he treating and the nearest “high class” coffee and toast is toastbox, we just give it a try.

Their toast looks nice right?
They give you a generous spread of butter. Well, that is what you think when you look at the outside. When you open up the toast, you will see this….

Wah piang. Looks good on the outside only. The slice of butter is so THIN! Less than 1cm thick lor. Wah Piang, cheat money one. Remind myself not to buy toast from toastbox. Oh ya… and their coffee sucks too.

Give me Ya Kun or Killiney anytime.


  1. Kenny: Ya lor. They put 1 thin slice of butter in the middle, then cut the toast into 2, so that it look nice nice when you see from the side.

    The butter on the other slice of toast is slightly thicker. Just slightly only. Haiz.

  2. tigerfish: OK lah. Quite standard size in SG. Well… Since you can’t increase the price, you decrease the size lor. Sad right?

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