7 Bloggers I Admire Most

I was tagged by Daphne to do this 7 bloggers I admire most entry. Who ask me big mouth go suggest to her to make it a tag so that we can “spread the love”.

Anyway, this is a good tag. It is a counter to some so and so “famous blogger” and her “7 most disgusting blogger” post. (Notice that I purposely don’t name or link her in my post.)

Anyway, here are the 7 bloggers that I admire most. (Not in any order)

Cobalt Paladin
Winner of ping.sg award 2007 most insightful blog. His blog is about his struggle on the road of an entrepreneur. I admire his courage to be an entrepreneur. And up to now, he is still anonymous. Nobody know who is he. Well, I respect his wish to be anonymous. In fact, I’m surprised that he managed to remain anonymous for so long.

Paddy Tan
Another very successful entrepreneur. His company has been doing pretty well and he has been hogging the major news agencies like CNN, CNBC, WSJ, Digital Life etc etc etc. YOZ! Give others a chance lah. Whoever say god is fair should look at Paddy. He got the looks, money and even iPhone! He even got a very pretty wife. Wah ciao. Why upstairs so unfair one?

Some call him the grandfather of Singapore blogging. He is a very talented writer. His blog entries are always funny and close to the heart. He managed to make fun of the political party and members without landing himself into trouble. He knew where to draw the line and he has been doing it well. Respect for this guy.

A very sweet looking lady whom I’ve been following her blog for more than a year already. I admire her courage to backpack travel to places like India and Cambodia. Am glad that I finally got the chance to meet her face to face during village talk. Her speech that night was one of the best.

Ice Angel
I’ve been following her blog for quite some time. She is one of the 7 bloggers being attacked by that “famous blogger”. I admire her for her great blog template design. And after this incident, I admire the way she handle the whole issue. Can’t believe all these coming from a 17 year old gal. Respect.

Scott Adams (Dilbert)
Love his comic. The jokes in his comic are those “intelligent” jokes. You need to think about it for a while to really understand what is he talking about. And his blog is the same as his comic. Very funny.

Some calls him “Lord of the links”. His blog is all about links. Links to other interesting stuff that he found on the web. Admire his abilities to find so many interesting things and catalog them in his blog. And hate him for showing me what is Desktop Tower Defence. I’m hooked on it now! Argh.

OK, now tag 7 people.
I tag the 7 people in my list. (Ya, as if people like mrbrown, Scott Adams, Ice Angel and Popagandhi got read my blog like that. Well, at least I know Paddy and Cobalt Paladin got read this blog. Lancerlord sometimes. πŸ˜€ So, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. *Evil laugh*

Disclaimer: If your name didn’t appear on this list, it might not be because I don’t admire you. Maybe I admire them more than you. Maybe you are in the 8th position in my list. Or maybe because I want to admire you secertly. (Highly possible if you are a gal and look pretty πŸ˜€ )

Don’t feel sad if you don’t appear in this list ok? Don’t go commit suicide if you don’t find your name in this list. OK? It’s not end of the world yet.


  1. I feel so proud to be Paddy’s wife leh! Because of that, I was mentioned in DK’s blog, and he even compliment that I am pretty!! Thank you!! Haha…

    But I beg to differ when you mentioned that Paddy got the looks, money and iphone… At least to me the looks should not be in the list liao!! πŸ™‚

    Oops! Paddy is going to kill me!

  2. Scubscub: I know that looks shouldn’t be in the list. But Paddy is going to give me his phonebak software for free leh. So must write some good things about him. As you can see, other than iPhone and money, he got no other good points. So I anyhow lie say he got looks lah.

    Now feeling guilty about lying in my blog. I think I’ll go home face wall few hours to reflect upon myself.

  3. Malique: Can you wait till I reach home then go jump MRT track? I don’t wanna be caught in the jam leh. πŸ˜›

  4. Erm… thank you for liking my blog. But hor! You chao-turtle! Tag me for the meme. How many I owe you already?

    Die lah, like that how to finish the meme. I also own Herry one meme.

  5. IZ Reloaded: You also fan of lancerlord? πŸ˜€

    estee: Why? Maybe I wanted to admire you secertly leh? Don’t be sad, its not end of the world yet.

  6. cobalt paladin: You bo xim lah. I tag you so many times, you never do 1. Going to remove you from my list of admired blogger and put estee’s name there is you still don’t do my tag next time. πŸ˜›

    ice-angel: Wow. Didn’t expect you to see this. πŸ˜€

  7. Hey deekeey, I never tagging before .. but probably will start becos of you. Steady right? πŸ™‚

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