iPhone, wine appreciation and job interview

Here is a summary of what happen during the interesting week.

Went to Geek Terminal to check out iPhone on Tuesday. Cool stuff. The interface is great. Its just like a MacOS. Everything is very elegant. The keyboard need some practice. But its only a cool phone.

But specifications wise, its not as good. The camera is just 2.0 megapix. No video recording. No MMS. Still using 2.5G. Kinda disappointing.

We took a picture of some handphones lineup together. Wanted to upload but blogger been giving me problem. You can see it here. The picture reminds me of the pictures we took in the past during SPUG meetup.

Thanks Paddy for hosting such a wonderful event. πŸ™‚

Wine appreciation
Went for the wine appreciation course on Thursday. My company invited some “wine expert” to give a talk. It was quite badly done. The speaker isn’t very sure of his stuff. I think he should join toastmasters before considering giving talk about wine. Wasted my $20.

Well, I think I’m the youngest among the attendees. The rest are mostly uncle and aunties. They seems like they are not here for the wine appreciation talk, but rather, just to drink free wine.

Job Interview
The job interview went smoothly. There is a written test where they ask me to write about a topic within 30minutes. I think I bullshit too much. But can’t help. The question is like asking me to bullshit. Perhaps they need someone to bullshit in that position? Anyway, no kick for me. They forgot I got a B- for bullshitting. Hahaha.

The job scope sound interesting. Really wish that I could get this job. And the workplace is very near my house. I think I’ll ride a bike to work if I get this job.


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