Shouldn't the process be more important than the destination?

OK, since everyone is talking about Harry Potter, maybe I should put down my views too.

I’m no Harry Potter fan. Perhaps that is why I feel that everything has been over hyped. The media overplayed the ending until it has become so important. Yes, someone will die in the end. But who? If you want to know, go read the book.

But something I do not understand. Why is everyone so concern about the ending? When people got the book, the first thing they do is flip to the last chapters and read the ending to find out who died. What happen to the process? Shouldn’t the process be more important than the destination?

We see arguments in because someone posted the ending in the shoutbox few days before the book was released. Yes, that person is wrong to do so. But then there is really no need to over-react over this issue. Its just a small slice of the ending. You can still enjoy the whole thing even if you know what happen in the end.

Its just like before Star War III was released, everyone already know before that Anakin Skywalker will fall into lava and become Dark Vader.

Frodo destroys the ring by throwing it into the lava at Mount Doom.

King Kong was shot dead at the top of Empire State building.

The Titanic hits an iceberg and sank.

So? Everyone still enjoys these movie despite knowing the ending beforehand.

It’s the process that matters…. not the destination.


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on that. The missus gave me the evil eye when I told her I knew who died in the book and gave her a hint. She didn’t want to know.

    Oh well, at least no one killed themselves here in Singapore because of fake spoilers and such.

  2. Rowling herself had a part to play when she kept hinting that at least 2 major characters will die and not to mention all that security measures they took that was being reported.

  3. coz when we don’t know ending then the book is more interesting. when i’m reading one of the previous book, i had to keep resisting the temptation of turning to the last page just to know what happened and i was very much rewarded.
    oh yes, the process is much more than the ending. I love the way rowling writes. But thanks for hinting to me what happened lor! *multiple pokes*

  4. Moby: Yeah. Luckily nobody go commit suicide over the fake spoiler. Pretty sad to hear that someone commit suicide after reading the spoiler. And worst thing is, its a fake one. Haiz.

    Arzhou: Yeap. I guess someone advice her to do it in order to generate more hype. But they over done it. Now everybody is only interested in the ending and not the whole story itself.

    tstar: But knowing the ending won’t make it less interesting. Actually, it might make it even more interesting in the sense that you want to read the process to find out what exactly happen that leads to that event.

  5. I am no Harry Potter fan either. But I can empathize on why the fans are so upset when some people just voice out the spoilers. During the airing of American Idol, I know people who checked out the Internet in the daytime and announced the one who got voted out in the office (not my office fortunately) because they were the first to know. In a way, it is never the ending, I agree. It is a process … be it as watching a movie or watching the Idol competition itself.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that spoilers will not stop people from watching the movie or reading the book. They just inconsiderably diminish the enjoyment of the “process”.

    Some endings are meant to be known (like materials based on historical events or famous literatures such as Shakespear). Some endings are best left to be uncovered by the viewers or readers.

    Just my humble thought πŸ™‚

  6. Put it this way, if you knew how your life was going to end or if you knew what your future was like, wouldn’t living the rest of your life be somewhat less exciting?

  7. wilfrid: Well, for things like soccer match and contest, then knowing the ending really kills lots of fun. But in a case of a movie or story, knowing a small slice of the ending isn’t really end of the world. Yes, part of the fun is gone. But the main fun should still be at the process. Don’t you think so? πŸ˜€

  8. Ahh… but fortune tellers are seldom right.

    I’m not saying the end is everything. Just that if you knew the end, it kind of ruins the process.

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