Want to slap me? Sure, drop me an email.

Damn pissed. Sometimes, I really don’t understand what is wrong with these people.

I submitted an article to tomorrow.sg few days ago about 2 policemen caught sleeping in the patrol car in a multi-storey carpark. I suppose it is wrong for a police officer to sleep in the public while in uniform inside a patrol car. Never did I expect people who step up and say I was wrong to submit such article to tomorrow.sg. Was I really wrong? It depends on how you view the issue. Actually, I don’t really mind if people come and say I was wrong to submit this article to tomorrow.sg. It’s really subjective. If you feel that it is wrong, then I respect your point of view. You have your point of view, I have mine too.

But what pissed me off was a comment by someone by the nick mary tan.

DK i ought to give you a slap for putting this poor policeman in a hotspot, to gain pongs or stealing visitors to ping.sg?

So pissed that I think I’ll give her a point by point rebuttal.

Putting this poor policeman in a hotspot
Is this policeman poor? I suppose he is resting well in the aircon patrol car. So why would he be poor?
Am I responsible for putting him in a hotspot? It’s on a blog, ping.sg and stomp already. I just add it to tomorrow.sg so that readers there get to see what is happening. Am I solely responsible for putting him in a hotspot? Beside, the post was approved by jseng and Agagooga.
And what is wrong with putting him in a hotspot? He did something wrong.

to gain pongs
The url is a direct link to the blog. Not the ping.sg referral url. So how did I steal pongs? Do you understand the meaning of stealing pongs? Or do you know how to steal pongs? Besides, that is not even my blog to begin with. Why would I want to get more visitors there?

stealing visitors to ping.sg.
Not a word of ping.sg was mentioned in the entire submission. So how did I steal visitors to ping.sg?
What sense are you talking?

i ought to give you a slap
Seriously, if you really think you are the chosen one who has the rights to slap anyone whom you think is wrong, do drop me an email. I will arrange a date, time and place that is convenient for both of us.

PS: Please don’t tomorrow this entry. Wait ganna another flame war again. I already placed a comment to ask that mary tan to email me to arrange a date for the slapping session.


  1. I guess you felt what I felt a week back then when I was flamed.

    Anyway, officer was caught red-handed. He’ll have to answer for his actions. Just hope he’s not asked to leave the police force.

    I can’t say that you are right or wrong as it’s very subjective.

  2. cloudywind: I don’t know leh. You think possible?

    杰: Never understand why the need for flaming. Attack the topic, not the person.

    Yes, I do agree that it’s very subjective. But we have to agree to disagree, don’t we?

  3. I think the more recognized a blogger is, the more flames he or she will get because there will surely be people who are not happy with some issues and take it out on these bloggers.

    Perhaps in time he/she will see the truth and their errors.

  4. Arzhou: Ya right. I go beach road buy police uniform, paint my dad’s car to look like policecar then took the picture right? hahaha.

  5. that’s just plain silly. you posting on tomorrow also means that part of that ‘blame’ goes to the editors of tomorrow.sg, because they aggregate the content there.

    but c’mon, it’s not as of you’re an irresponsbible blogger, and if someone is not doing something right, do we remain indifferent? almost like saying if somewhere kena gangfight, we don’t report cuz we are putting policemen’s lives in danger..?

    if she can say you are stealing pongs, she probably thinks this is a one sided pingpong affair, and she shouldnt click on any pings in the first place. then can be fair to everyone.

  6. DK, did you have an ex gf called Mary Tan?

    Or maybe, she is the gf of the policeman.

    Or Mary Tan is also a policewoman who zzzzzz in petrol car?

    Hmmmmm…. Maybe I should sign up to be policwoman. Hee…

  7. litford: Seriously, I still don’t understand how did ping.sg get dragged into this issue. Not a single word about ping.sg is mentioned lor.

    Winnilicious: Wait… let me check my list of ex gf to see if anyone of them is called Mary Tan.

    *20 minutes later*

    OK, confirm don’t have any. Hahahaha. 😛

  8. So, has the slapping session been arranged yet? Can I have a press pass to that event? Exclusive interview with the slapper and slapee?

    That would be an even bigger blogging event than the infamous “7 most disgusting bloggers” post. Haha!

  9. Once again, I wonder the maturity level of general users of the internet, and to some extent the blogging community.

    Why does everything have to become personal?? It’s becoming like primary school class : “You touch my earser… so I will touch your pencil..”

    Grow Up people.. grow up..

    Btw, do blog abt how the slapping sessions goes.. We wanna know.. :p

  10. Funny, I just read from ProBlogger that if you’re not getting flamed, you’re not blogging good enough. Haha! So grats! This shows you’ve been doing a good job.

    By the way, you gotta feel a bit for the policeman also la. Take a break in the car so suay kanna take picture, I think he now jialat jialat already. So moral of the story is: sleep in the NPP, not outside in the car!!

  11. moby: Sorry, I intend to sell the exclusive right. You got to pay me in order to get the exclusive interview rights.

    ntt: I also don’t know why some people always get personal. I always believe on attacking the issue, not the person.

  12. yee hung: Actually, quite easy to ganna flame one. No need to be good in blogging. Just put yourself on the frontline will do.

    I won’t mind if he sleep in the station. By sleeping at a corner of a multistorey carpark, obviously he is doing something wrong and trying to hide.

    So what is the difference between posting the picture online and sending it to police directly? End of the day, if he did something wrong, he still needs to be punished for this. If he did no wrong, then the police PR will explain on his behalf and he will not be affected at all.

    Don’t you think so?

  13. maybe mary tan is trying to be like, loyal to the police force. so… what she’s trying to say is, don’t hang dirty linen in public for the whole world to see. *trying to understand*

    haha. ok i dun get the logic lah. haha… i think maybe she is really the gf of the police man, as everyone else suggested. hur hur.

  14. hiya DK!

    It is bloody obvious that the policeman is in the wrong… Sleeping while doing duty.. neglecting his work.. somemore policeman – double the charge!

    I haven’t seen the picture, but can I ask if u block out his face? My point is that, though what he did is wrong, you could have taken the pic and feedback to the SPF. Showing the picture is akin to shaming him in the public … And I don’t think what he did warrants such public shaming when disciplinary actions can be taken.

    In fact, I think there shouldn’t be public shaming unless it’s a serious offence.

  15. Daphne: Somehow, I got this feeling that Mary Tan is a guy. Why so many people think that he/she is related to the policeman? haha. I think he/she is just out to create trouble.

    Kev: But I’m not the person who posted the picture. I saw it in another blog and I submit it to tomorrow.sg. How do I block it?

    Anyway, if you look at it, the face isn’t very clear.

  16. If you need to be slapped, then the person who filmed it needs to be caned? Doesn’t she know the pic and video is on STOMP for the whole world to see? What the hell Mary thinking??? LOL

  17. Pubed: I also don’t know what she thinking. But it’s amazing that she thinks she has the rights to go around slapping anyone she likes.

  18. The officer is at fault for sleeping during duty and getting caught on camera.

    But if we look at another angle, he might be working for more that 12hrs partolling the streets. While waiting for his partner to come back, he fall asleep?

    Whatever the reason, the officer shouldn’t be sleeping while on duty. What if someone decided to steal his pistol? Security is at stake here.

  19. no offence.. but… I NEVER LIKED UNIFORMED GOVT PERSONNEL!!!…. not to mention ppl who stand up for their misdeeds…

    kudos to you for posting that article! 🙂

  20. 杰: I did consider that maybe he worked for 12hr and no rest. But then, if he really need a rest, shouldn’t he be doing it at the station instead? If his boss ask, he can explain that he has been on shift for 12hr. And maybe his boss will relook into the schedules.

    But by hiding at the carpark to rest, it could only mean that he has no valid reasons to take a break.

    Val: I have nothing personal against them. And I’m not the one who posted it. I merely submit it to tomorrow.sg. 😛

  21. hey DK! oh.. icic.. apologies ah.. tot u’r the one who took and send in the pic.

    Morale of the story: Don’t be busybody to send in pictures from somebody’s blog, unless u wanna a hate club! LOL…

  22. skali that mary tan is speaking for Wong Can’t Sing.

    her point was totally pointless. it is exactly that kind of people that allow taxpayer’s money to be wasted, pardoning all kinds of inefficiency.

    And she clearly doesn’t understand how ping.sg works. Is she just jealous?

    maybe she is so kinky into slap war.

  23. hey DK, I think your posting in tomorrow.sg has been commented in Today newspaper! Go read Today for today quick!

  24. Kev: Its ok. Alot of people thought I’m the one who took the picture. Alamak. Why would I wanna tomorrow my own blog entry?

    chillycrap: Agreed. Her point is totally pointless. (And I beginning to feel that this entry is equally pointless too. haha)

  25. iris: Luckily they never mention me. Heng ah.

    arzhou: Could be. And having this exposed on the net might make the top management relook into their schedules and make adjustments.

  26. I guess, we would be better off having policeman sleeping then arresting the wrong person.

    Last Friday, my nephews were clubbing at MOS and at about 4 am Saturday, they hailed a cab for home, someone infront of them wanted the same cab. That guy kicked the cab door and show them the middle finger. The cab driver stopped his cab and shouted at the guy. The guy was about to hit the cab driver when my nephew jump in and push the guy away.

    Amazingly the police showed up arrest my nephew and the guy. No statement taken from the cab driver or my other nephews. My other nephew when to Cantonment Police Station and was told by the police officer to go home or get arrested. I when down to the Police Station at 9 am. Nothing can be done because the I/O was not around, I called numerous times and at 5pm I spoke to the I/O said they have the right to hold my nephew for 48 hrs. Then on Sunday morning, my nephew was released after bailing him out. GUESS WHAT THE OFFICER HAD TO SAY!!! Why did my nephew not explain to the arresting police officer that he was defending the cab driver. Go home and take a rest.
    What a bloody joke.
    Why did not the officer take a statement from the cab driver ???
    Why did not the cab driver make a report, since the guys kick his cab ???
    So the best thing to do and advise would be if ever your cab driver is about to be beaten up, clap your hands, cheer them on, help them will not help you only land you in jail.

  27. Anon: Wah. Why like that? Did you try logging a complaint? Or write to straits times? Something need to be done to correct the problem.

    Sentosagal: Yeap. I also think there is no wrong in submitting the picture to tomorrow.sg. But well, different people got diff point of view. We just have to agree to disagree. 😀

  28. For years, police on mobile sleeping on duty, they have hideout, so no picture on stomp.

    Why sleeping on duty? their boss must have to relook at their schedule.

    Maybe all the policemen may benefit from this exposure. previously they have 3 shift, smart people changed it to two shifts of 12 hours. Senior officers esp. direct entry to ASP never done 12 hrs duty on mobile.

    Brother, if mary Tan ever arranged to meet you, pl call me along, chio2 ones, I will take the slap for you lah:)

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