1-18-08 – The unknown movie by JJ Abrams

Check out this movie trailer which got the whole internet talking recently.

Cool huh? But the problem is, we don’t know what’s the movie name. We don’t know what is it about. We don’t know anything. All we know is this “thing” ripped apart Statue of Liberty’s head and throw it into NYC.

Well, what do you expect from JJ Abrams?
The internet is full of speculations. Looks like the marketing dept did a good job.

From the wikipedia page, we know that the code name for this movie is cloverfield. Although this will most likely not be the real movie name.

Here are some interesting findings about the movie that that is circulating on the internet.

The official website is at www.1-18-08.com. It’s pretty empty except for a few photos. If you were to wiggle the picture quickly, it will flip to reveal the back of the photos. Some of them have words written behind.

One of them mentioned the name Jamie Lascano. Jamie can be found on myspace. From there, you can link to others in the movie.

Another site that is rumoured to be related to this flim is www.slusho.jp. Can’t really make any sense out of it yet. Hope others can find something about it.

There are still lots of hints flying around the internet. Watch the youtube video by nightowl3090. He did some really good analysis.

So what exactly could it be? Some say its a remake Voltron or Godzilla. I personally don’t think so. Could it be related to LOST? I don’t really think so too. I think it should be a new monster created by JJ Abrams.

Whatever it is, the marketing is sure doing a good job. Can’t wait for 18 Jan 2008. Argh.

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