Enjoying lunching alone

When my lunch kakis T told me that he is resigning, the first thing that comes to my mind was, who should I join for lunch in the future.

I still remember when I just join the company, we had a very large lunch group of about 10 people. Finding seat is always a problem and we usually split into 2 table. As time goes by, the group become smaller and smaller as people resign or join other lunch group. Until a point where it’s just T and me left in the group. OK, some gals would join us occasionally. Other than that, it’s usually just the 2 of us.

So when T left the company, I wonder who should I join for lunch. The company is rather big and there are lots of different lunch group. I could have just joined anyone. But I later decided to lunch alone. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not those anti-social people. I decided to lunch alone partly because I’m lazy to find new kakis. And also because I keep feeling that I’ll leave the company very soon. But I’m wrong. The company that I went interview recently didn’t get back to me. Seems like I was rejected. So perhaps I’ll be staying in the company until the end of my contract which is in March 2008.

Actually, lunching alone has its own advantages. You don’t need to discuss where to eat. You don’t need to wait for others to get ready. You don’t need to worry about not finding a table big enough for everyone. You don’t need to wait for others to buy their food. You don’t need to wait for others to finish their food.

And best of all, you can finish your lunch within 15 minutes and come back in office to surf net. Haha.

Seriously… I’m really beginning to enjoy lunching alone nwo. So much so that I turn down a group of colleagues who ask me to join them for lunch today. OK, partly also because I don’t really like the place that they are going for lunch. Nothing much to eat there.


  1. Moby: You also lunch alone? Fast right? Somemore guys eat alot faster. I finish my meal within 15minutes.

    Xinyun: For me still not much problem cause I not working in city area. Usually can find seats 1. 😀

  2. OMG! I’m going through exactly the same thing too! I used to go lunch with this big group of interns, but they’ve all since left.

    Now I just eat alone or skip lunch altogether…to surf net!! Hahaha!

    I bring a copy of TNP to read while I eat somemore, so maximise time.

  3. Yee Hung: I hate to eat and read at the same time. Feel that it slow down the whole process. I rather eat fast then read. 😛

    Your office at TPY there right?

  4. Arzhou: I working in IT line leh. Not many chio bu leh. All the chio bu surrounded by hunks liao. Me no chance.

    UFC: Poor thing. How can they deny you internet access? Complaint to MOM. Hahaha…. kidding lah.

  5. i ususally pack back to the office.

    eat + go through artwork/proposal and call my supplier at the same time…

    seriously I enjoy doing that, think I’m mad

  6. furfur: Seriously. How come you enjoy eating at your office desk?

    I find it the worst place to have lunch. You already stayed there for 8 hours each day, and you are still spending your 1hr lunch break there? Ouch.

  7. I have been lunching alone for quite some time already. The reasons are simple:

    If I lunch with my colleagues, they may feel uncomfortable and restrained as I am the err…. boss.

    If I lunch with CEO, people will say that I carry.

    If I lunch with other directors, the session usually ends up with a lot of gossip and rumour mongering – activities which I don’t really relish.

    Lunching alone also has the benefits that you highlighted above. Of course I do lunch with external parties now and then, sometimes on official business, sometimes on personal ones. Those are usually more enjoyable.

  8. moby: Depends on what type of aunty lor. Some aunty do have very interesting conversation topic like their past experience and stuff. Others just gossip and talk about vegetable prices.

    cool insider: Actually, you can try to be friendly with your stuff so that they won’t feel uneasy when having lunch with you. You always scold them 1 huh? 😛

  9. I lunch alone too, but it’s because I’m always out and about on my own. Just don’t like it at times when it’s hard to find seats and there’s no one to reserve it for you.

    But it’s good when you’re too lazy to make ‘small talk’.

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