Me and Botak Jones

I went to Botak Jones for the first time yesterday. OK OK, I know I’m slow. Botak Jones serve great American food and yesterday was the first time I’ve been there. What a mountain tortoise!!

I went to the branch at Toa Payoh. Heard that it was just open recently in March. Its a great place, well hidden between some HDB flats and flatted factory.

Wanted to order the “You crazy what?!” burger but my stomach was full of popcorns from the movie. So I ordered the Double Botak burger which is the same as the “You crazy what?!” burger except it only has 2 beef patty instead of three.

The burger was great. The patty is very tender. The fries are nicely done. I forgot to ask them to add cheese to the patty. Wasted. It would have been even better with cheese. Will remember to add cheese next time.

The great thing about the Toa Payoh branch is that there is this bar counter call Brewski Jones which serves beers. And most importantly, they got Hoegaarden.

Hoegaarden and double botak burger. With Michael Buble’s music at the background and a great company.

Every night should be like this.


  1. Looks like I’m the last mountain tortoise left then, I’ve yet to be there once, but planning to do so some time soon.

  2. Sicarii: Don’t worry. I’m sure you are not the only mountain tortoise. Quick go to the nearest Botak Jones. You won’t regret it. πŸ˜€

    Arzhou: Yes SIR, will try to try all the burgers. Esp the “You crazy what?!” burger.

    Yee Hung: Yeap yeap. The one near SPH. They have quite a number of branches now. Business doing very good.

  3. i think im worse than a mountain tortoise.

    i also havent been to Botak Jones before. Sicarii! lets go n eat. lol.

  4. I heard of that place before actually.

    But hor, let me remind you how many km you have to run to burn away the calories and fat from the crazy burger! Heh

  5. Daphne: Quick go with Sicarii. You won’t regret it.

    Iris: Argh…. Shall not jio you if I go there again. Will call Zhenzhen, Brian and HJ only. BLEAH!

  6. I see my name… But there is a big IF in the sentence in front.

    AMK got botak jones but it is in some ulu place. Din have chance or should i say lazy to go there.

    I heard alot of pple say the fries CMI.

  7. HJ: I heard the cheese fries are normal. The normal fries still not bad. Yes, AMK there also got. But the one at TPY quite cool mah. Got pool table too. πŸ˜€

  8. Lets go there (TPY branch)… Make me feel hungry…

    But Z sq in Japan now, forgot to ask her to get present for me. Haizzz. Hope she look into her blog in Jp and rememeber to get us presents.

  9. HJ: Wait for Zhenzhen to come back then go lor. Anyway, my dad’s car is in the workshop.

    I don’t know about you lah, but I’m sure she will buy present for me one. πŸ˜€

  10. Ok, I thought that the place was some $10 Ang Moh barber. I was even shocked that different hair-styles cost differently until I was even more shocked to see the fries in the next picture.

    Frankly speaking, that price list had me. “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”.

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