Why I support caning?

I’m always a supporter of using caning as a punishment for serious crime like rapes. (Note, I meant for serious crimes) I feel that such punishments act as a way to deter a lot of people from committing the crime. And if someone wants to break those law, he has to pay for it. The laws has already been written. If you choose to break the law, you have to accept the punishment.

I feel that it is these strict laws that made Singapore a safe place. It’s safe for a gal to return home at 3am alone. This is what I like about Singapore. And I’m willing to give up some human rights in exchange for this peace. Besides, the evil side of me feels that criminals who commit serious crimes shouldn’t be qualified for human rights. That is also why I support the death penalty for serious crimes like murder and drug trafficking.

And when I saw this leaked video of how caning was conducted in Malaysia, I’m sure that what I supported was right. Look how a rotan can reduce a man to a cry baby. How he shiver while waiting for the next cane. And the way the skin open up after the cane. I’m the scar will remind him of his misdeeds. I hope this video would be able to serve as an deterrent to everyone. And remind everyone the tough penalty behind those serious crimes and make them think more than twice before doing it.

This video might be considered NSFW. A bit gross too.

OK, perhaps they should cover up the person’s face so that those watching the video will not know who is he. But am glad that this video managed to leak out. I’m sure more people will think twice before committing a crime.

Note: the canning in Singapore is carried out in a room and not in the open. But I think they are using the same kind of caning method. So think twice before you commit a crime.

PS: I know the human rights folks will slam me for writing this. But I hope you guys give me the human rights to voice my personal views. I know this topic is very subjective. But I respect your views and I hope you respect mine too. End of the day, lets agree to disagree if you don’t agree with my saying. Don’t flame me for this. Thanks.


  1. oh my chinese teacher in sec sch was an inspector for NPCC, he explained to us what canning was like in sg (but that was years ago, but I think it should be the same today).
    Ppl who carry out the canning are experts in this field and are specially trained. The impact will fall squarely on the buttocks, but never higher, as the impact would cause the kidneys to rupture and hence cause death. We would not want that to happen to those ppl would we. 2ndly, they wack on the same spot (pretty accurately), so that there is actually only 1 wound. They will wack until cannot wack – as in the wound is deep. The prisoner will be sent for medical treatment. They will then assess when he can take the cane again. Once recovered fully, they will queue for them to go for punishment. The cane comes down pretty much on the same spot.

    Painfull hor.

  2. Yian Tay: Yes, from the video, it sure look painful. I heard story of crimals crying in court when the judge sentence them to caning.

    Seriously think that this is a good punishment which should be kept.

  3. Well, at least they lash the back. Imagine if they whack the front…

    Sometimes pain is the best deterrent; the worse the pain, the more deterrent it is. It is the most base of all punishments, and the most effective.

  4. My friends were suggesting the front for convicted sex offenders. I would think that doing so would be an excellent reminder to paedophiles, and miscellaneous sexual predators to mind himself…

  5. Ah, but that’s the purpose of the punishment! Suffering. Eek, but as a guy, my heart would go out to any person who is subjected to my friends’ collective wraths 🙂

  6. Cruel? We should worry about the victims of crime, not the criminal.

    I wished we still caned vandals and other low-life in England! This is exactly what they deserve.

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