Remembering Hiroshima

*This is a repost of an article I wrote 2 years ago*

60 62 years ago, an Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, killing more than 140,000 people, and causing many thousand more people to die of radiation-related illness.

While the A-bomb triggered the surrender of the Japanese and the end of World War II, I’ve always wondered if it is actually necessary.

Germany and Italy had already surrendered. Japan is alone, fighting the Allied forces in many front lines. Japan’s Naval and Air forces are losing the fight to the Allied forces that had surrounded Japan. Bombing on Japan’s land was conducted every night. Russia also declared war against Japan. Japan is losing….

So is the A-Bomb really required? I don’t think so. It is just a matter of time before Japan surrender. The A-Bomb will speed up the surrender. Maybe saving the lifes of many American troops. But it killed more civilians than soldiers.

140,000 civilians, unarmed and untrained, were killed. I thought they should be targeting military targets like war factory and army camps. Yes, the Japanese soldier were cruel. I remember the Rape of Nan Jing. I remember how the people suffered under the Japanese rule. But we are no different from them. We dropped a A-Bomb on a defenseless city.

140,000 lives loss in exchanged for a faster peace. Is it worth it?

Remember Hiroshima. Remember the day 140,000 civilians lifes were lost to exchange for peace….



  1. Perhaps so, but we have the advantage that 20/20 hindsight provides.

    Though many perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is a well-known fact that those who died under the cruelty of the Japanese far outnumber the number of dead in those 2 cities on those 2 fateful days.

    Yet more cruel is the fact that till today, the Japanese government still refuses to admit the wrongdoings of their forefathers more than 60 years ago.

  2. Sicarii: I agree that what the Japanese did during WWII is far worst than the 2 atomic bomb. Especially the Rape of Nanking and the comfort woman.

    But by dropping the 2 atomic bomb, are we dropping ourselves to the same level as they are?

  3. War is never fair, and the innocents will suffer along with the guilty. In war, everyone loses.

    We have the luxury of sitting at our computers today in comfort because of the millions of lives lost by the Allied Forces fighting for the liberty of the world.

    Was Japan’s imminent? Perhaps. But at what cost to the Allied Forces and to the rest of the world whose daily existence depended on whether a Japanese officer had mercy on him or her that day?

    Or how many more comfort women would die before the Allied Forces take Tokyo down the conventional way?

    We will never know, but of one thing we are sure — the dropping of the two atomic bombs saved many more lives than if they weren’t dropped.

    If the Japanese had accurate military intelligence telling them that the US had no more A-bombs after those 2, I am sure the war would have continued a good while before it finally ended.

  4. Not at all.

    Yes, perhaps it contradicts with my Christian perspective on life and the sanctity of it, but if those 140,000 perished to save the world from more bloodshed, I think they did what was necessary.

    If we take your reasoning, then the Allies shouldn’t even have carpet-bombed Japan way before the A-bombs were used as a last resort.

  5. I read somewhere that the alternative plan was to send soldiers for a massive seaborne invasion of Japan.

    If that happened, I believe there would be even more casualties on both sides and Japan would become a barren wasteland, knowing the fanatical nature of the Japanese army at that time.

    Dropping the second atomic bomb wasn’t the best thing for the Allies to do but I guess they preferred it over the invasion plans to minimize the casualties

  6. Josei Toda (2nd president of Soka Gakkai)
    He was one who was against the authorities for war and got imprisoned during WWII with his mentor, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi.

    He created history by making this declaration against Nuclear Weapons.
    Excerpt “I wish to declare that anyone who ventures to use nuclear weapons, irrespective of their nationality or whether their country is victorious or defeated, should be sentenced to death without exception.”
    Full text –

    Daisaku Ikeda, his successor/disciple, took his mentor’s words in mind and had repeated mentioned the same thing in his annual proposals to UN.
    Refer to for a summary of 2007 Proposal.

    I figure that it all takes 1 and more and more to spread the message. And I’m grateful to know there’re beings who do bother afterall. Jiayou!

    Shan Lin

  7. Roys: You are right. The main battle group is already near Japan. The allies could do a landing like what they did in Normany. But sad to say, they choose to use the atomic bomb.

    Although Albert Einstein did not work on the Manhattan Project, he later express regret for writing a letter to President Roosevelt to advice the US to start research on Atomic weapons.

  8. Shanlin: Wah. I thought you stop reading my blog already. πŸ˜€

    Yes, I agree with Josei Toda. Those who use it should be sentence to death.

  9. Project_00: Did the survivors and their children suffer from radiation poisoning or any side effects from fire bombing?

  10. Project_00: I don’t support any bombing of civilian targets. Thanks for letting me know that it actually kill more than the Atomic bomb. All along I thought the damage is great but not as great as atomic bomb.

    But I guess the after effect of Atomic bomb is far greater than firebombing.

    I’m against both, but more against atomic bomb. πŸ™‚

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