Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #7

Argh… I need to do this more frequently.

Decayonnet at sgblogs rank 15
I don’t really know how does its ranking. But I’m surprised that I managed to get into rank 15.

But the ranking is quite competitive and changes almost every day. Doubt I’ll remain there for long. Oh well, at least its nice to know that I managed to hit rank 15 once. 🙂

Humping Dog
Not sure if I should classify this as NSFW. Anyway, its funny, but really serve no purpose. And very noisy too.

Interviewed by How to blog for money
Paddy email me recently to do an interview for his blog. Here are the things that I said.

When I read back what I wrote, I found that I was rather boring when answering the question. Which is not my usual self. Wondering why…. Must be tired cause of the assignment.

Someone stole my Dilbert Calendar
Someone in my office stole my Dilbert Calendar. Not the whole Calendar, but just one piece. But strangely, that day’s comic wasn’t exceptionally funny. Why would anyone want to steal it? Sad…. I always keep the paper after tearing them. Now I’m short of one day in my collection.

Building the Merlion in Second Life
Got a group message from Lion City in Second Life. They are giving Lion City a facelift and need help with building a Merlion. If you think you are able to do it, feel free to contact MInky MOusehold.

I went into Lion City yesterday. It was empty. They even removed the Suntec City! 🙁
I love the Suntec City. Wish that they will put it back soon.

6 5 more pownce invites to give away
The pownce invites are still up for grabs. Hurry before it runs out.

OK, I think it won’t run out. Maybe pownce has given out too many invites and those who wanted pownce would have already gotten it already. Anyway, if you want, feel free to drop me a comment.


  1. Invite me to Pownce! I’m wondering what this is ever since you mention about it in the blog.

    Maybe I should sign up and take a look myself!

    Thanks before hand!

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