Must buy accessories for iPhone

Every iPhone owner should get this.

Shuffle Art for iPhone. In case you don’t know yet, Shuffle Arts is a product of Singapore.

Cool huh? It’s not out in the market yet. I met Roger (designer of Shuffle Art) and Paddy at MAAD last Saturday and Paddy showed it to me. Heard that there will be four different design. Should be ready for sale in the states soon. Can’t wait to see the other 3 design.

Paddy’s company is also getting ready their PhoneBAK software for iPhone. Another must buy for your iPhone. (PhoneBAK is also a Singapore product) With such an expensive iPhone, it is best to protect it with some security software. And PhoneBAK can surely increase your chance of getting your phone back when it is lost or stolen. (Out of topic: I’ll be doing a beta testing on PhoneBAK for Sony Ericsson phones soon)

These guys are amazing. The iPhone hasn’t arrived Singapore yet but they already have products for it. I bet they have already laid the red carpet and ready for its arrival iPhone 2008.

Cheers to these Singapore Entrepreneur.


  1. Somehow, I wonder whether Apple will tie up Singapore in knots with exclusive deals just as they have done so in the US. I read those contracts, and draconian is just a very nice way to describe the terms!

  2. Paddy: I like this design too. Too bad I don’t have a iPod or Macbook.

    pkchukiss: They might be able to sign exclusive deal with one of the operators. (Provided the operators are rich enough to pay for it)

    But they can’t lock the phone like what they did in USA.

  3. Either way, it sucks because they do not subsidise the phone at all, yet still get to lock you in for 2 whole years.

  4. pkchukiss: They do subsidise the phone by $200 when you sign a 2 year basic contract. (more if you sign those expensive plans)

    Paddy: IDA say cannot lock phone in SG. Unless Steve throw rotten apple at them, else doubt the iPhone in SG will be locked. πŸ˜›

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