This is Singapore, the place I call home.

42 years ago, someone appeared on national television and cried. Suddenly, Singapore become independent. All by ourselves, away from British rule and Malaysia merger. And we have gone so far since that day.

People from my generation will never know the kind of hardship our parents been thru during the independence days. But we are faced with a different set of problems. To push ourselves to the world stage.

We are far from utopia. We may not have freedom of speech or a free media. We may not have equal opportunities for everyone. We may be more pro foreign talent rather than pro locals. We may have strict laws and inflexible government agencies. But without these things, we might not get to where we are now. Perhaps there is some give and take. Or perhaps it is waiting for us to improve further.

This is a place I call home. Where I lived for the past 27 years. Where I grew up and get my educations. Where I built my home and make friends. Singapore means a lot to me. It has given me a lot.

I don’t know about everyone else. But I do feel a sense of pride whenever I see the National Flag. This is Singapore, the place I call home.

Happy Birthday Singapore.


  1. “the world is a far, far bigger oyster to explore.Those of you who are celebrating, I say to you: how quaint.” – Elia Diodati

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