While watching NDP 07

Below are some conversation between my dad and I while watching the NDP.

Me: How come PAP got marching contingent but worker party don’t have huh?
Dad: Hammer logo not nice.

Me: Wah, the PAP contingent is lead by one of the MP.
Dad: Ya, confirm he said something wrong during paliment. So they punish him by making him stand in the parade while the rest sit at the VIP seats and enjoy the show.


Dad: What is “NOP”?
Me: Huh? What “NOP”? “NOPE” huh?
Dad: See TV lah.
The marching contingent just formed the word “NDP 07” but the “D” look like “O”


Me: We should deduct the president’s pay this year.
Dad: Why?
Me: He didn’t sing the National Anthem. Didn’t walk while reviewing the guard of honour. He didn’t even talk to anyone one of them.


  1. Here’s my explanation after years of experience keeping dog.

    a. “Me: He didn’t sing the National Anthem.”
    A dog can’t sing. A dog can only bark !

    b. “Didn’t walk while reviewing the guard of honour.”
    LKY doesn’t allow him to walk around the guard just in case it went round peeing under their leg.

    c. “He didn’t even talk to anyone one of them.”
    Human doesn’t understand dog’s language (barking), neither does the dog understand human’s language (singlish).

    All in all,at least, it is an obedient dog as LKY didn’t put a chain around its neck. And you can see a lot of guard stand protecting the most expensive millions dollars dog in the world in case it get stolen or lost.

    But don’t provoke it because it’s bark is worse than it’s bite !

    Hope that answer your curiousity.

    Curiousity kills the cat.

    Ask and you will get.

  2. Wah what a powderful comment sia. Hahhaha cmon don’t be an annonymous pussy, make yourself known πŸ˜€


  3. Unfortunately, I am too just a dog though a poor rather than a wealthy one. Therefore, a poor dog like me in Singapore doesn’t worth to have a name.
    I’m not even worth a pussy in Singapore. Therefore, i remain an anonymous dog.

    But beware, unlike the rich dog, my bite is worse than my bark !

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