Email merry go round

This is what happen in office when almost everyone is on leave after national day.

Out of office msg from A

I’m on leave and will be back on 13-Aug-07.
For urgent matters regarding XXX, please contact B.

So I email B and saw this out of office message.

Hi, Sorry to miss your mail.
For XXX matters, pls contact A.

Great. Don’t need work today.
Why everyone on leave except me? Sigh. Not enough leave liao. Need to save up for exam and assignment.
I also want to have super long weekend!!!


  1. Back when OORs were in their infancy, I would love to wreck havoc between 2 automated reply systems. The first sends the second an OOR, the second replies to the first with an OOR, which then sends another OOR. On, and on and on and on and on.

    Oh, I must have been a system administrator’s nightmare. Devilish pkchukiss!

  2. nadnut: Think alot of people applied leave on Friday. The MRT pretty empty.

    Xinyun: tsk tsk…. how can?

    pkchukiss: infinte loop? Haha.

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