When will we stop breaking senseless world record?

We broke quite a number of world records during this year’s National Day celebration.

Largest floating platform
Largest Human National Flag Made From Umbrella.
Largest National Flag Made From Paper Stars.
Largest National Flag Made From Balloons.

Let me know if I missed out any.

OK, I’m pretty fine with the largest floating platform since we need a place for NDP. But will you all STOP TELLING EVERYONE that we have the largest floating platform? My last count was 103839374 times. Please. The only reason why we had the largest floating platform is not because it is hard to achieve but because nobody see the point of doing one.

And all the largest national flag record are stupid.

9000 people forming Singapore flag at the Padang using 9000 umbrella!! Assuming each umbrella cost $5, it would have been $45,000. That amount of money could have been put into better use by giving to 173 old folks and disable citizen. ($45,000 / $260 = 173)

Then there is this 7000 paper stars to form a National Flag. The reason why nobody broke that record is because nobody thought of it before. If you want to break another world record, try forming a National Flag with things like pen or rocks or CD casing. I’m sure nobody did those before too. And since you are the first one to do it, you don’t need to use 7000. 70 is good enough for the world record.

And 7000 Balloons to form the largest national flag was even worst. Didn’t you guys watch the 7 July 2007 Live Earth concert? It was only 1 month ago.

When will we stop breaking senseless world records just for the sake of breaking one?

Can’t we break some meaningful records?
Like most people to offer seat to a pregnant woman on MRT?
Or shortest waiting time for taxi along orchard road on a Friday night?
How about least number of guest who turn up late for wedding dinner?

When will we stop breaking senseless world record?

DK intends to break the world record of pointing middle finger for the longest period.


  1. “DK intends to break the world record of pointing middle finger for the longest period.”

    muahahhaha … this is one damn funny remark! brightens up my day. thanks.

  2. Well we can add another record to Singapore for being the stupidest country trying to break all mother and son records that gives no value at all.

  3. Henry: Yeap. But they seems addicted to breaking these records.

    tstar: Oh ya. And that is because they are the only company that has that special remote control kite. Lame right?

  4. Jayson: Might really consider doing that. Wait till I get a proper camera.

    Paddy: Maybe we already got the record for breaking the most record? Haha…

  5. I was thinking about trying for an unprecedented record of breaking two records while failing to break another 30 records, but still come close to breaking the other 45 records that are in the same category as the record that will be recorded in the record books.

  6. Glad you brought this up DK, NDP has always been a grand waste of tax-payer’s money I feel.

    It’s nice to be a bit over the top and all, but there should be a limit.

    Oh and good lucks with your middle finger record thing.

  7. The gov here always love to break…

    Gov break our heart, break our soul, break our spirit, break our rice bowl, break our dream, break our right, break our dignity, break our hope, break our future, … etc …

    Therefore, break everything, nothing much to break other than to break records. They did break a lot of records after election.

    – world most expensive gahmen
    – World most expensive president
    – World most expensive prime minister and finance ministers (two salary draws)
    – World top nepotism Minister Mentor, Senior minister, PM
    – world most thick skinned ministers (increase GST to the poor ministers !)

    Well, so is it surprising that they want to break more records in NDP ?

  8. Mmm … I am glad I’m not the only one who thinks that these are all a waste of tax payers money.

    So grand also for what?

  9. Pkchukiss: Sound chim. When are you attempting it?

    Henry Leong: Perhaps “Pointing middle finger for the longest period of time” record? Haha…

    Anonymous: I won’t call ourselves egoistic. More of “too much spare time so go break senseless record”. 😛

  10. Kenny: Yeap. NDP is a great waste of money and full of propaganda crap. Why not just use those money for a grand massive fireworks?

    Anonymous: You very anti-govt ah?

    Marina: Too much money to spare?

  11. Anonymous: How come you will laugh until go toilet pee 1? Haha…

    khazampc: Of cos will lah. Don’t worry. I’ll practice more often before attempting to break the record.

    All for the sake of breaking a world record for Singapore. To show everyone how much I love the country. 😀

  12. because we’re so small (in physical size), we try to make ourselves “heard” and “seen” in “unique” ways such as these.

    believe me, there are more senseless feats that were recorded compared to those that you’ve listed. heh!

  13. “Anonymous: You very anti-govt ah?,”

    Definitely not ! I pro-gov actually but I curious why all the gahmen never tell the world that they are the most expensive idiot in the world afterall we have paid them millions of dollars for them to market themselves.

    Why is it not mention ? Or is it that Genius world of records already have those ?

    Those thing that you mention is nothing and pale in comparison to the millions dollars of salary to useless gahmen who are full of cock.

    Indeed, they are the most expensive rubbish in the world too that there are simply no contestant !

    See, isn’t what i supportive of our gahmen/

  14. Missy: Well, being small in size doesn’t mean we need to break senseless world record.

    And don’t get me started on the other stupid world record that we broken. Like most number of people wearing balloon hats?

    Anonymous: I have no comments. Tsk tsk….

  15. Around 20 years ago I submit my football juggling feats to GWR in London.

    They reply and asked me to break the marathon ball juggling record. Which was one hour rest five minutes type of record.

    But I hope to be record as amazing type of feats, skills which is difficult to do more permanent then the marathon type.

  16. I had the intention of breaking the marathon record by riding a bike handfree, using only one leg at the ECP.

    Unfortunately there no bike shops around my area where I live presently.

    To do some rough handling of a bike and don’t have the backup nearby is not easy.

    Wait till one of these day that I move back to the eastern side.

  17. I believe if break some records for some good causes like environment friendly riding a bike long distance, for encouraging the use of green energy.

    Encoraging good health fitness & endurance should not be encourage. I think much depend on the aim of the one who want to break the record.

    Some records like recordbreaking meal which is not so good for the health. Or too dangerous stunts which can got killed should not be encourage.

  18. The President of Sing bk of Rec, had asked me to perform the feats again, the likely feat that I can perform is marathon one leg, handfree cycling feat at ECP.

    The theme, to encourage cycling for fitness, and environment friendly.

    Where to get that type of bike when I stay at Sims Dr, where there is two bike shops. I am now staying in the Western Part. There no bike shops around my area. When SBOR want to sponsor a bike, so I went around to look for one, for one and the half hour I can’t find a bike shop even when to three areas asked numerous people.

    To ride it around one hour, handfree and using only one leg 12km non stop from end to end at ECP cycling track.

    To get the authorities permission, to do the feat there.

    GWR had sent me a 8 pages letter.I reply got to call off for a while.

    At Sims Dr I can easily cycle to ECP to train.

    Even I got a bike here I got to find a bike with all the tools to adjust it to optimal conditions, until I get use to it.

    Any wisdom?

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