You are a system analyst. Your job is to analyse

Warning: This is a very long ranting entry. Doubt you want to read it.

I’m seriously sick of the way this colleague do her stuff. Yes, my company is a retirement village and I can see very clearly that you are here for retirement. But please, if you want to retire, don’t come and sabo me. Just stay at your own corner and retire quietly.

This woman damn powerful. (PS: She is not PITA, although I think I’ve mentioned her before in my blog) Whenever there is a system error, she just simply take instructions from her teamlead and colleagues to patch the data. She never investigate what went wrong, how it went wrong and how to prevent it from going wrong again. She never check if the things that she is patching is correct. She just patch whatever she is told to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you are a junior officer, I wouldn’t say anything. But she are a senior officer, degree holder, perm staff and has been in the company for at least 6 years. Yet this is the kind of work she produces. Hello, her pay is almost double my pay lor.

Take yesterday for example, she told me to patch an error in our data caused by her team’s system. I don’t think she is the person who investigated and come out with the solutioning. But anyway, I asked her what causes the error and she say she don’t know. When ask her to investigate and do something to prevent it from happening again, she merely say that this is a rare case and will not happen again. Hello. In computer, if it happens once, chances are it will happen again. Yet she just don’t want to investigate what went wrong. Anyway, her whole team are like that. Which explains why their team’s system is full of bugs and keep generating error data into our system. Well, good thing is that it is making us very employable. Bad thing is that have to fix all the stupid error that they created.

She always patch thing blindly. When someone tell her that certain records is wrong, she just merely patch it without confirming if they are right or wrong. I already lost count of the number of times I told her that the things she is patching is wrong. Either she don’t know or don’t care. Her teamlead ask her patch what, she just patch blindly lor. Never even bother to double check if it is correct or wrong. Hello, you are a system analyst, for goodness sake, ANALYSE before you do anything. If we need someone to just do things blindly, we can simply employ an operator at a much lower salary. I think her pay can employ at least 3 operators. Maybe even 4.

Then today was the best. There is some discrepancy in some data. As the data were passed down from her team system (again), I asked her to check which data is correct so that I can remove the error data. At first, she told me it was data A that was wrong and need to be removed. While at her desk, I got to see their database and saw something funny with their data. As I’m not familiar with their system, I check with her to see if her data is correct. She claims that it is suppose to be like that and told me to go ahead and remove data A.

Finding it a bit fishy, I ask another colleague who is more experienced in their system and he confirm with me that there is indeed error in their data. So we went to find her again and tell her our findings. Imagine 2 people from another team looking into your team’s system and telling you that your understanding of your own team’s system is wrong. It was funny yet frustrating. After clarifying everything, the conclusion is that data A is correct and should not be removed. It should be data B that is wrong (which she previously claims that data B is correct).

Totally opposite of what she told me previously. Should I have not double confirmed with another colleague, I would have deleted the data wrongly and cause an error in the system.

This is not the first time her information is wrong.

You tell me, like that how to work with her in the future? Can her information ever be trusted?
This is the kind of co-workers I have. How to have a pleasant day at work with such people around?


  1. God bless you!Thats the worst case scenario sia!why not have an automated comparison report generated daily in a fix time to further cut down the discreorency check?

  2. Anon: Can’t. Too much data, take up too much resource and the job list is fully packed.

    project_00: Its really a problematic team.

    malique: Ya… guess I can’t really do anything about it.

  3. Visited your site thru

    I think we have a similar analyst that is working in my workplace too.

    Are all analyst the same ? Hmmm….

  4. katak: Definitely not. There are a lot of good System Analyst around.

    Just that the good ones are usually the ones that leave the company after a few years. And the bad ones are still staying in the company after many years. Perhaps the welfare here is good or nobody else wants to employ them.

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