shoutbox weather report

The weather was weird today morning. Some part of Singapore was raining while other parts are having sunshine or just cloudy.
And the folks at the found a new use for the shoutbox. Weather reporting.

jayson_ang: it’s raining over here in the north
claudia: raining in the west just now. now gone. waiting for rainbow to appear… tsk tsk
xizor2000: just dark over here in Collyer Quay… no rain.
nadnut: i sneezed. means its gonna rain at Thompson
paddytan: Anyone working in town or bugis area? Still raining?
woonder: tg pagar is clear
xizor2000: Collyer Quay big sun.
dk99: AMK cloudly
hhdkk: cloudy & windy, rain not expected within the next 2 hours at City Hall
xinyun: t.pagar gonna rain again >.<

Thanks leh. You all really bring the shoutbox to the next level.
Who needs the weather report when we got shoutbox?


  1. it’s like EDMW weather reporting =)

    we should do it more often, at least it’s better and much more accurate, compare to the weatherman =P

  2. Although Singapore is kinda small but the weather these days are freakish.

    So better to make use of REALTIME information when out for meetings.

  3. hahahahahahaha!!!
    DK!!! you actually did a posting on this!
    this is hilarious …

    brought to you by

    I need a news anchor …
    DK, can you be my co-host?

  4. Yeah weather was wet and cold and dreary and just great for sleeping today. Unfortunately I can’t with the many things on my plate plus high stress situations coming up next week. Great weather report on ping nonetheless….

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