Why I hate the lectures for this module?

Warning: Ranting ahead.

Today is the 2nd lecture for the whole semester. And seriously, I hate the lecture already. In fact, I begin to hate it since the first lecture. Its not the topic, its the lecturer.

Lecturer: We will skip this few slides since they will not come out in exam.
*skip a few slides*
Lecturer: Class, when I say it will not come out in exam, I didn’t say which exam. It could be last exam, could be next exam. I didn’t say it will not come out for your exam.

Crappy right? If you want to skip the slides, just skip. If you don’t want to tell us if it will appear in exams or not, just shut up. Don’t waste out time say all these stuff. Its not funny at all.

And he got more crappy things.

Lecturer: So the best solution is A B C. Class, do you know why the best solution is A B C? Why not A C B?
*silence for 5 seconds*
Lecturer: They have done many research on this topic and concluded that A B C is the best solution. Why? I don’t know. The text book say A B C is the best solution.

OK, so best solution is A B C. It doesn’t matter why. Cause even the lecturer doesn’t know why. So why ask a question that you don’t know? Perhaps its a joke? But nobody is laughing.

It is not that we have a lot of time. We are already behind schedule. He is going too slow because he crap too much. I won’t mind if he crack funny jokes. But they aren’t funny at all. It just piss you off. And we are attending night class. Everyone came to school from work. Everyone is tired already. If you got lots of time on hand, just finish the lesson and let us go home early to rest.

And the final straw today…..

He showed us some extra stuff that wasn’t in the lecture notes but was closely related to the assignment. He said that if we are fast enough, we can copy. But he will move very fast, so no point copying.

So I took out my handphone and tried to take a picture of the slides on the projector. He saw me doing it and stopped me, ask me to show him the pictures that I’ve taken. I told him that I haven’t managed to take any pictures yet. He doesn’t believe. So I went down the lecture hall, wanting to show him the pictures in my handphone folder. He told me to put my handphone on his desk first and see it after the lecture.

That’s it lor. Damn pissed off. We are adults already. Not secondary school kids. If you say cannot take picture, I won’t take any. And when I said I haven’t taken any picture, I really mean it. Why should I lie to you? Shouldn’t there be mutual trust? I even offered to show him all the pictures in my handphone to proof that I haven’t taken any pictures yet. Why is there a need to ask me to put my handphone on the desk for the rest of the lecture?

So my handphone was on his table until the end of the lecture when I went to collect it back. He told me to show him the pictures that I’ve taken. And I did so. There is nothing to hide. Just pissed off by the way he handled the whole situation.

Firstly, he didn’t say no using camera to take picture before he show the slides.
Secondly, he doesn’t have the rights to retain my handphone.
Thirdly, he doesn’t have the rights to see the content in my phone.

I almost blew my top on him and wanted to scold him from my seat already. But I held back. I was being respectful to him by allowing him to retain my camera until the end of the lecture and allowing him to see the content of my handphone.

And it was utterly stupid. He told us not to copy, just listen. And he was going thru those slides very fast. So fast that isn’t enough time for you to take short notes or even try to digest the information. And these are important information for the assignment. What the point of showing us the slides when most people don’t have enough time to catch the information? You might as well don’t show those slides. We are not tested on super memory or speed memory or speed writing. We are tested on the facts. And we aren’t getting much from the slides he flashed to us.

Seriously, I don’t know what’s the matter with this fellow. What is wrong with taking pictures of slides which you are showing us? Resistant to technology? Isn’t it very stupid and inflexible? Why can’t we make full use of the technology available to give us a leverage? We are doing a degree in IT right?

Oh…. this actually reminds me of another inflexible incident that occur in school last year. At least I was allowed to use camera back then. Still…. what are they thinking of? Why so inflexible?


  1. Your lecturer really damn crappy man…

    If I were you, I would purposely use my handphone to take picture again in his class and if he asked questions again, I would just ask him to give me 1 damn good reason why taking pictures are not allowed in the class. Make him eat his words back lah, in anycase, I doubt he is doing a good job of teaching anyway so might as well create some entertainment by putting him in a spot. On the one hand he cannot blow his top at you cos he has no reason and on the other, you aint a kid so he has every reasons to be afraid of complains!

  2. I suggest if this goes on, bring this up to the school management about this. There were some lecturers that do nothing but just pulling craps all over the places and got themselves into trouble when students complained to the school.

    No value-added at all.

  3. BTW, I allow my students to use their mobilephone to video the entire lecture so that they can pass it to their peers (esp for those who couldnt make it from work).

    What’s the point of showing slides and yet cant have a copy? I uploaded the entire lots into yahoogroups to share with the students. Best if they can read it first and ask questions later else how to learn everything within a short period?

  4. I won’t leave my hp with him if I were you.

    Since he said after the lecture so why must be the hp put on his desk? Frankly I think he treats his class like primary school students.

    Maybe you should just ask him to please move on when he start his crappy jokes again.

  5. Paddy: Bring to the school management? Don’t bother.

    But I strongly believe that we should make full use of technology available. What is wrong with snapping pictures of the slides shown on projector? If it is not meant for the eye, then don’t even show it.

    motd: Last sem already. Don’t want to create trouble. Just move on with it lah.

  6. Look, you have paid for the school tuition hence you are the customer and has every right to grasp whatever information being delivered, in any way or method.

    I would say report the lecturer to the school. He doesn’t deserve to teach.

  7. Dun waste time attend his lecture lar. Last semester, he also full of craps. Just go for tutorial or read up at home yourself.

  8. Anon1: Well, I don’t want to create trouble since I’m already at my last sem. Even if I complaint, they might not take any action. Even if they do, by the time action is being taken, I would already grad from my course already. Not worth the effort.

    Anon2: Eeerrr….. you are my classmate/coursemate??

  9. Sound so similar to Numerous Unprecedented Screwups…

    Live with it i guess… Most Uni are the same, they hire pple who do not have the passion or capability to teach.

  10. Paddy, if only you were my tutor last time!

    DK, seriously, I think you should fight back the next time this awful lecturer become so bo liao again.

  11. wah, how can liddat one?! lol… i think the lecturer scared get caught for taking copyright stuff? but at least should go slower and let pple attempt to copy la… -.-

  12. furfur: Seriously, if I never hold back myself, it would be worst than just showing the middle finger.

    Iris: Don’t think there will be a next time for him. Oh well….

    Anon: What for? haha.

    Nicole: It’s his own material lor. What copyright?

  13. No, no there is nothing against the law on filming in Singapore. Heck, our police does it all the time, even when pro-gay supporters go for a simple jog.

    I’d love to play with people like your lecturer. What can he do if you refused his request? Walk out of a lecture that he’s obliged to teach?

  14. pkchukiss: I got this feeling he will not continue teaching until you leave or give him ur handphone.

    Well…. drop me an email, I’ll give you my timetable and you can try playing with him. Hahaha

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