Am I losing my magical touch?

The blogger’s block is still here.

Been finding it hard to blog lately. Really no inspirations to blog. The past few entries were horrible and stupid. You can tell it by looking at the number of pongs from All of them less than 20 pongs. Am I losing my magical touch? Perhaps I am.

And its not that I don’t have any topic or subject to blog about. I actually got quite a number of topics that been up my mind and wanted to blog about. But just couldn’t get the inspiration to get them started.

UniSIM – The forgotten fourth University of Singapore?
Odex – Are we hitting below the belt?
Wikipedia – Is it a reliable source of information?
Palm – Will it be able to make a comeback?

They are interesting topic right? But I just can’t get the inspirations to blog about it.
Argh…. Damn those blogger’s block.


  1. I sense fear in you. Fear of recrimination. Fear of rejection. I understand.

    Blog freely and you shall be sad no more.

    (Do I sound like some old sage?? :D)

  2. Happens to everyone. I have not been writing for the past 2 wks. Maybe is because of the new job or I have lost my mojo. Hopefully something bad would inspired me to write.

  3. arzhou: Hope it would be quick. 🙂

    planter: Yeap, sometimes when you are busy, you just somehow don’t know what to blog about.

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