Decay off Advertlets

After slightly more than 1 month of trying out, I’ve decided to remove the advertlet ads from my blog.

There is nothing wrong with advertlet. In fact, advertlet is fine. I get ads everyday unlike it competitor that chooses blogger to place ads. Which means I get payout everyday for traffic coming into my blog. Am fine with that.

But I’m not those famous bloggers with few thousands visits per day. Am not earning much from the ads placed here. I’m only got SGD$7++ for one month. That is just enough for a cup of hot mocha at Starbucks. Just one cup per month leh.

It is nobody’s fault except mine when the traffic is low. Can’t blame anyone except myself for that.

I feel that I won’t be getting much from these ads. Since that is the case, why not remove it and keep the interface clean.

So Decayonnet is once again ads free. Cheers.


  1. Yayy for simplification! When I first started blogging, I added every revenue generating option – Adsense, Kontera, TLA, Nuffnang, Advertlets.


    I love your clean interface.

  2. you know… you don’t have to blame anyone for low traffic. At least people still like your blog.

    Anyway 7 bucks is quite a lot already. Google only gave me 50cents for dunno how many years. But as you like to say, my blog is crappy, so, *shrug*

  3. Chillycrap: Your crappy blog managed to earn 50 cent? Wow… that is quite a lot for a crappy blog.

    Hahaha…. kidding lah…. 😛

  4. Hi DK!

    This is Josh Lim here from Advertlets. I distinctly remember one of your posts about “People Didn’t Get to Meet At” 🙂

    Anyway, when we created Advertlets we knew that lower traffic bloggers would be unable to earn much, if earnings were *based on traffic alone.*

    And given that blogging is such an exciting medium, banner ads alone would not suffice.

    Hence, Advertlets offers sponsored reviews, where advertisers pay to have their service promoted/reviewed.

    They gain the benefit of a personalized written editorial by the blogger, as well as the traffic that comes with it – and of course, it doesn’t make sense to judge each blog by traffic alone, because the bloggers have taken the time to give valuable insight, and write about it.

    In fact, there are two such opportunities that your blog qualifies for:

    One is the Advertlets Review where you can get SGD25 just to review us (the price is valid for bloggers of all traffic ranges).

    One more is the RoomsDB review opportunity that we’ve just posted up on – the review is not paid, however if you take part in the review you get a CPM Campaign for RoomsDB (which is more lucrative than the CPC ads we serve by default.) On top of that, if your blog is one of the highest referrers, you also get a bonus.

    I hope your earning adventure with Advertlets continues, now that you know more of the story and what we offer 🙂


    Josh Lim

  5. Can I just say that I am really impressed with you Josh? Rarely have I seen such gumption- advertlets will go far with guys like you at the helm.

    Blogging and its commercialization is still very young- there’s much more coming.

    And DK, if you’ve heard of the Long Tail theory you’ll realize that there’s money to be made in crap with the internet. Keep writing- they will come!

  6. Josh: Well, I guess the problems lies more with me rather than Advertlets. Perhaps I feel that I don’t really want to use my blog to make money.

    I still feel that Advertlets is much better than its competitors. I’ll surely recommend advertlets to my friends if they wanna have ads on their blog. I wish advertlets all the best. 🙂

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