Palm: We haven't given up on you yet

I couldn’t agree more with engadget when they say it’s time for Palm to make some drastic changes.

Indeed, Palm is going down the drain. I still remember Palm as the leading handheld computing company in the world. But it has lost the market share to Window Mobile device. The specification of the latest Treo680 and Palm TX isn’t quite impressive as compared to the Window Mobile counterparts. Although I do feel that PDA and smartphones should be kept simple, there is also a need to be cutting edge. Give us some impressive features that will make us all say “Wow”.

The folks at Engadget really nailed the problem. They make a detail analysis of things that need be done for palm to be back on track. While I do not agree with all the points made, I do feel that most of them are quite useful.

I agree with all the points made about the hardware. Seriously, Treo is lagging behind. Most smartphones come with WIFI and are thin and stylish looking.

Software wise, I don’t think multitasking is important. Yes, it is good to have, but not a killer feature. The existing UI is good, but perhaps need some updating to keep up to date. Instead of a complete overhaul of the OS, I think updating is good enough. Even the iPhone interface is somewhat similar to PalmOS. This shows that the UI is on the right track. Never, I say again, Never go the same way that Windows Mobile is going. The UI is horrible.

On top of that, Palm also need to include more bundled software. A better web-browser, a better email reader and media player. The Doc-To-Go office applications is good so keep bundling them with new Palm devices.

Other stuff like being being open to customers about the development and more support for developers are good suggestions. I truly believe that it is important to win back developers to write applications for Palm. Give them more support and access to source code to help them write more application for Palm platform.

But one thing I disagree has got to be on Foleo. I do feel that Foleo can be a successful product. But the first version will be problematic. Allow this product line to grow. I feel that there is a market for it.

I think everyone is surprised when Ed Colligan replied to the open letter published in Engadget. That is the first step to making a comeback. I’m glad that Palm is listening. Ed said that he forwarded the entire executive staff. Lets us all hope that the list of suggestions is in good hands. We are looking forward to the day when Palm make a come back. To the good old days when Palm release cutting edge products like Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm V, Palm m505, Treo 600, Palm TT, Palm T3 and Palm TX.


  1. I used to work with Palm Inc years back at 2000 and for several years.

    It is a great pity that they allowed themselves to spiral down the rabbit hole like that. After Handspring’s Treo nothing follows up. That’s it.

    When we were developing anti-theft softwares, we spread out the no. of devices available in the market and sadly while I would love to develop one for Palm devices since I was such a big fan and learnt so much from the guys with the previous management.

    I know that it is too much a big risk for a small startup company like ours to go with someone that do not set clear directions and giving lotsa mixed signals with the head not talking clearly to the rest of the branches. Everyone is just so dead like working on a job for the sake of the salaries only. The fire went off, the folks in Singapore team dont reply, dont follow up.. basically just leave it as it is.

    Till date, nothing from the guys even when they went Treo with Windows. Sigh.

    I really hope that Palm can finally wake up from this article and really come back strong.

    ‘The slower one reacts the further they be thrown back.’

  2. DK, was that your handwriting on the Palm? It sucks! Hahahaha! Kidding… kidding…

    Anyway, I was a huge Palm fan too. Maybe not as big as you. I’m still resisting going to the dark side so I’ve been using PAA (personal analogue assistant – pen and paper) instead.

    Personally, I don’t think Palm will react to the engadet article. I remember when Windows released a coloured PDA, Palm was saying Palm users don’t need colour screen, colour screen consumes too much battery, yada yada. Now, after so many years, Palm has not included wi-fi into their new range of products? Duh!

    What were they thinking? I can’t help but shake head when I see their products.

    I hope it’s not true but the best days of Palm is over.

  3. Paddy: Yeap… lets hope Palm really wakes up and react to that article.

    Cobalt Paladin: Yes lah, that is my handwriting. I never deny my handwriting is horrible. 😛

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