My friend math fail

A friend of my MSN me today telling me to go apply for Starhub mobile broadband. He was saying the $5 plan is good and cheap. Very worth it.

So I went to Starhub website to look at the plan. The $5.35 plan only gives $20 worth of surfing. And each kb is 0.32cent.

Without doing my math, I told him that its as good as m1 because m1 plan is 5gb at $22.42. More worth it. He told me that the Starhub plan is 6gb free. I didn’t believe it. If it is really 6gb at $5, they would have used that figure as a marketing message since it is clearly much better than their competitor.

So I took out my excel and do some math.
1kb = 0.32 cent = $0.0032
Total $20 free usage.
20 / 0.0032 = 6250kb
1mb = 1024kb
6250kb = 6.1mb

Wah piang. 6mb and 6gb very big different leh! Decimal point put wrong place huh?
So I told him that he count wrongly. It is 6mb free, not 6gb.
And it took him several second to discover that I was right. 6250kb != 6gb.

Tsk tsk….. Math really fail leh.
OK lah, I promise don’t reveal to anyone who you are. Hahaha….


  1. Cobalt Paladin: Ya lor. Cannot make it. Don’t know how he grad one leh. Maybe degree buy online one. 😛

    young businessman: Oops. Typo. Thx for telling me. 😀

  2. Well we can’t blame your friend either coz its pretty obvious the ad was out to confuse or should I say “con” less knowledgable consumers into believing the same thing your friend did.

  3. Bitbot: No lah, the Ads didn’t try to confuse people. It just didn’t state the amount of free data transfer given. Which is common everywhere.

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