Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #8

Blog day
OK, someone registered a website and declared that 31 Aug is blog day. And what do you do on blog day? You blog. Haha. OK, seriously, they say you should recomment 5 blogs on that day.

But who are they to decide 31 Aug is blog day. Hmmmm….

Lip Syncing To The Song
Didn’t know that there is actually such a song.

Feel like doing lip syncing someday too. 😀

Hardest question on earth

The hardest question that facebook’s compare people can ask.

How do I make a choice?

Problem with wireless@sg
Why doesn’t IDA believe that the wireless@sg sucks?

Seriously, if I ever have a good video camera, I’ll take video of my laptop screen when using wireless@sg. Then you guys will see how bad the random disconnection is.

Handphone back from hospital
Send my handphone to repair because the navigation joystick is having some problems. I heard that it is a common problem with Sony Ericsson phones that are using joystick. No complains since I really love my K800i. One of the best phone I ever had.

When I got back my phone, the technical support guy told me they changed the entire motherboard. I was pretty shocked. He said that the joystick is connected to the motherboard, and the only way they can replace it is to replace the whole motherboard. Hmmmm…. You mean everyone who go to the service centre with joystick problem, you will change the entire motherboard? Wow…. that isn’t very cost efficient leh.

So I got back my phone with a new motherboard. Errr…. in short, I only got back my casing. The rest of the phone is brand new.

Why don’t you guys just give me a new phone instead? Hahahaha…..


  1. Change button need to change motherboard!!.. LOL…

    But, I have seen this at many service centers. They’ll just replace big parts even if one small part has problems…

    Dunno why they are so wasteful.. :S

  2. Ntt: Yeap, its rather wasteful. But then, I’m not complaining. Now my phone is almost brand new.

    Perhaps I should change my casing too. Hahaha…. 😛

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