I need to cut down on the "eerr…"

I didn’t notice that I’m suppose to chair the meeting until the day before the meeting itself. You see, normally it is my sub teamlead who chair the meeting. But she put me in charge of this request this time round. It didn’t occur to me that it also means chairing the meeting.

It was a simple request, thus I didn’t know what to prepare before hand. And perhaps it is because I was under prepared, that why I don’t really know what to say. And I committed the worst mistake anyone can ever commit when making a presentation…. over using of the word “eeerrr….”.

Serious. And the worst thing was, I actually knew I was over using the word “eeerrr…” but I just couldn’t stop myself from doing it. I notice that I was actually using the “eeerrr….” time to think about what to say next. I was presenting my points and thinking to myself “Hello DK, stop saying eeerrr”. But I can’t.

This is bad…. very bad. I used to be able present things without much problems. I think it is because of lack of practice. Lack of chance to do public speaking. Need to do something about it.


  1. Join Toastmasters!!!

    No seriously. Toastmasters is a place where you can learn tips and tricks to cut these “pause fillers” and do better communications..

    You will need to invest some money and lots of time. But its worth it.

  2. What a coincidence. It happens that I’m taking a module on public speaking this semester, I can pass you my notes if you want.

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