Workers' Party should not be allowed to hold cycling event

I was pretty shocked when I heard that the Workers’ Party wanted to hold a cycling event at East Coast Park on 9 Sept in conjunction with its 50th anniversary. How could these opposition parties be so irresponsible? Don’t they know the social implication caused by such events? Thankfully, our efficient Singapore Police Force rejected their application for a permit. I don’t dare to imagine the social disorder that might happen if such dangerous events are given the green light.

And these opposition party really too much. They still have the cheek to ask during Parliament why their permit was rejected. Stop wasting time at Parliament. We got more important things to discuss at Parliament like minister pay increment, GST hike, public transport hike and ERP hike. Who cares about your cycling activities? (Well, unless you are going to install an In-vehicle Unit and cycle thru the new ERP gantry) Luckily we only got 2 opposition members in Parliament. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time wasted if more of you guys get elected.

Luckily our Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, Prof Ho Peng Kee was quick reply the questions post by the opposition. “Police requirement is that such party activities be held indoors or within stadiums, so that any law and order problems will be contained. This policy applies to all political parties,”

I totally agree with Prof Ho. Our Singapore Police Force are not able to contain any law and order problem outdoor created by your cycling event. They are already very tired already. So tired that they have to sleep in multi storey carpark. They can’t even handle the social disorder cause by 40 gays jogging along Singapore River. What makes you think they can handle your big group of cyclist? You guys aren’t the ruling party who will behave themselves during large outdoor events. Everybody knows that opposition party members are well known to create trouble outdoor. We seen it couple of times outside CPF building and Hong Lim Park.

And Prof Ho also added that “You may be well-behaving, but there may be other people whom you come across when you cycle who may stop you, may want to debate with you and that may attract a crowd, and therefore will result in problems the police want to avoid.” I find this statement very true. We all know that supporters of opposition parties like SDP and SDA will not debate with WP since they are on the same boat. But PAP supporters will since they have different political point of views. That is 66.6% of the Singapore population vs your small group of supporters. Imagine what will happen if all 66.6% of them were to go ECP on that day and challenge you guys to a debate. And also, Prof Ho cannot control his supporters and tell them not to go ECP to disturb your cycling event. Just go to their YPAP forum and you can see that it’s pretty out of hand. What if they bring the online flaming offline? So for the safety of the WP members, the cycling event cannot go on. It’s for your own good.

Really. The PAP actually care and concern about the safety of WP members. Outdoor political events are too dangerous. Only the ruling party are capable to hold outdoor events safely. That is why the police always approve the permit application by the ruling party. The opposition party can’t do it in a orderly manner. Better to hold your event indoor and cycle in a multi purpose hall.

And I’m sure Mr Low is wearing his hearing aid. But he confirm isn’t wearing his thinking aid. Well… at least not the type of thinking aid that Prof Ho was wearing.


  1. lol… can have debate while cycling… power leh!

    xinyun, I don’t think yoga session is dangerous… but I scared during stretching halfway, pple jio them for debate…

  2. Seriously, can we really take those MIWs seriously when they just said words of no meaning or logic. Yes, the millions dollars have stopped corruption but it increased their stupidity and fear levels.

    Talking about talking craps, this is definitely one of the biggest joke you have ever heard. More good jokes coming. What a circus!!!

  3. Arzhou: Yes. Don’t you know that Singaporeans are very interested in politics? They will simply pick anyone along the road just to debate about the latest political issues.

    Passer-by: Yes. That is the safest place to cycle for opposition party.

  4. Xinyun: No no no… Yoga even more dangerous. What if they injured themselves? The whole entire democratic system of Singapore will collapse. Cannot Yoga.

    Paced: You don’t under estimate the ruling party supporters lor. They will run beside the bicycle to engage in a debate if need to. lol.

  5. Anonymous: Look… you are also taking me seriously right? So why can’t we take them seriously too?

    We don’t practice one country two system here in Singapore.

  6. Someone should really make a list of all these “intelligent” quotes from the MIW. Put them on wikipedia so that the entire world can benefit from the words of wisdom of our world class leaders.

  7. Wow, what impeccable logic from Ho. In following his logic, we shall ban cars, knives, cooking from Singapore. Heck, you could even die in your sleep, let’s outlaw beds.

  8. I am not sure if WP is applying permit for 10 or 20 cyclist.

    As we all know the cycling track is about 1 meter width, for two way traffic, imaging if a few hundred cyclist participate.

    What happen if members of the public is injure by the cyclist, (as a regular visitor to ECP, already seeing quite nos of accidents esp on weekend.

    Seriously, I havn’t see PAP orgaising any cycling event at ECP.

    Yes, the military used that as running track.

  9. Pkchukiss: Eh… don’t give him suggestions leh. Wait he really ban cars, knives and cooking then we all die.

    jt: Thx. 😀

  10. Our gov is the world’s expert in telling senseless political jokes and that’s why they are worth millions !

    Once again, Prof Ho has continue to keep the sense of humour that make our gov world class.

    No doubt, that after this joke, valuation of prof Ho will skyrocket to another million dollars sense of proportion.

  11. “DK said…
    I think wikipedia don’t allow jokes. :P”

    Wikipedia don’t allow jokes but allow words of wisdom. The title for wiki is :
    Wisdom Of PAP
    And their wonderful jokes masquerade as wisdom.

    Quote include:
    Pay millions to regain moral authority.

    Must be politican to talk politics.

    Work till die

    No welfare to prevent crude mentality for commoner. Elite create welfare for themselves.

    LKY call CSJ political gangster, then why is LKY and PAP ? Political terrorist that terrorise the state of Singapore into obedient droids ?

  12. you know, it’s like banks holding their marathon/running events. no difference from Workers’ Party’s event. right? *frown* me no have PAP’s rationale. cannot see the logic.

  13. vesance: No what. We are very “open and inclusive society”. You can OPEN the door when you have your cycling event indoor. And door gift are INCLUDED.

    Anonymous1: They are worth every cent….

  14. Anonymous2: You go start one lor. Confirm ganna deleted.

    imp: Different lah. Nobody go debate with banks employees on their latest interest rate when they doing their running.

  15. Coludywind: Thx. 😀

    veri rude leh: Idea leh. Maybe you can suggest to Mr Low. lol.

    anonymous: If they really want to employ me, I want to be paid in peanuts (The type of peanuts Durai gets.)

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    The SGDaily Team

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